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I’m feeling pretty good today, despite the restless night of sleep I got. I can thank a teething, miserable little Archer bean who just wanted a quick top up and snuggles every hour. He gets that way when he’s teething, it’s really quite frustrating but I can’t deny my sweet little babes his comfort when those toothy pains kick in. Today was definitely a coffee morning, and thankfully I was able to beat my Keurig machine into submission to brew me a coffee {we’ve been having tons of problems with it lately…it won’t brew without a serious fight}. So, I have my coffee.

Today’s agenda is looking pretty good too. It’s supposed to be incredibly nice out this afternoon, a high of 16 degrees and sunny. It’s been raining for the past few days so we’ve sorta been inside, I look forward to the sunshine and an afternoon walk. Quite possibly to our little park oasis! We haven’t been this year.

I had a thought. Since I read the 50 Shades series by E.L James {I actually wrote a review, it’s supposed to go up on Elizabeth’s blog at some point}, my attention has been drawn to the whole “Mrs & Mr” thing. When I called Keurig to talk about my coffee makers issues, the representative called me Mrs. D and ma’am and it opened my eyes to the fact that I’m rarely ever called Mrs. D. Even at the dentist office the other day, they called me “Jessica”. Society has really let the whole “refer to people by Mrs and Mr whatever” slide, haven’t we? I know I don’t refer to people by their surname, unless I’m speaking to a teacher. But yet, in the same breath…the woman called after me while I was getting my paperwork at the dentist office done was referred to as “Mrs. Whatever”, and she was older.

Then I started to wonder if it was because I’m a young Mrs. Do people feel awkward calling me Mrs. D when they see me, because I’m only [turning, in June] 23? Should I be offended by the fact that people don’t refer to me as Mrs. D when in public, if I don’t know them? I remember being engaged and planning my wedding, and being so excited to be Mrs. D. Am I getting jiffed out of the whole Mrs concept? Personally, I don’t really care one way or the other…I just noticed it and was thinking out loud about it, and I’m wondering if it’s an age thing. What do you think?

Odd thoughts on surnames and what not aside…and back to books…I’ve literally read a book a day for the past 4 days. Ridiculous huh? I read the entire 50 Shades series in 3 days, and then I read Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve written a 50 Shades review post that will go up on Elizabeth’s blog, so I won’t talk about that here {for now, anyway haha}, but I was kind of disappointed by Dead Reckoning, the 11th Sookie Stackhouse book. It felt rather dull and boring compared to all the others. I couldn’t recognize her voice, I felt like there was no chemistry between Sookie and Eric, and I felt that everything was just smacked together for the sake of releasing an 11th book. I just wanna see Sookie end up with Sam…or Quin. I miss him, he was an awesome character but OF COURSE she booted him because he had mommy issues {which leaves me wondering whey she kept Eric around, when he has Maker issues, but whateves}. So disappointed by it…ugh. I hope the next book is better and goes back to the Sookie Stackhouse roots I know and love.

Now I’m reading Divergent by Veronica Roth and I must say, it’s pretty good so far. Of course, I’ve read some rather disappointing books the last few days. I also have The Fault in Our Stars by John Green waiting for me, after I’m done Divergent and Insurgent. 

What are you reading? You can find me on GoodReads finally…I’m there!

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  1. While I don't get called a MRS (not officially married), I to tend to see people treat younger married couples differently. Hell I look younger than my 34 years, and I get treated like a young adult alot of times too. I hate still getting carded. I'm 34! But yeh, people discriminate against and make judgements about the young as well as the old. I'm on goodreads too. I'll add ya.


  2. my thought on us young married ones is that new generations have tried to make everything more personal and use first names. i know we have customers that we just call by mr. and mrs. but for the most part its all first names as to be more personal. i hate being called mrs. T lol i dont know why. just feels weird.


  3. Squee! I can't wait to read The Fault in Our Stars! I also can't wait to add you. (It's about time, Mrs. D!)

    I think the reason why people might refrain from calling you by your surname is because it truly is a generational thing. Fifty or so years ago, everything was about respect; people addressed each other in different ways, depending on their relationship. We've become a lot less formal as a people, and like Rachel-Ann said, the younger generations are a bit more personal. My grandmother still refers to elders that she grew up with as “Mrs. Bias,” for example, because that's just the way it was at the time.

    I think I'll feel awkward if people call me Mrs. Campbell when Mike and I get married. I'm just used to being called Liz. Heh.

    But you do bring up interesting points. Maybe we should be addressing each other — or at least our elders and non-family members — as Mr., Mrs., sir, and ma'am.

    PS: Your review is up!


  4. That's why it bothers me, it's not like I wish to only be called Mrs. D but I feel like they see I'm married and…I don't, scoff at me? Or something? You know? Bah.

    And cool! I'll add you back…once I figure it out haha!


  5. I kind of miss those times then haha! I mean, I'd like my friends and peers to call me Jess still but strangers at the doctors office and what not…they should call me Mrs. D if they're calling women slightly older than me Mrs. Whatever haha!!!

    I don't know, I think people were a lot more polite back then too.


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