Videos & June Ad Swap!

Some cute videos of the boys from yesterday…

Yes, I totally snorted in this video. Because it was hilarious. Archer had army crawled over to the fan and was having THAT MUCH fun in front of it. Giggling, doing the flailing arms thing…twas super funny.

Last night some friends of ours came over with their puppy {yes, PUPPY, even though he’s the size of a medium sized dog lol}, and Nolan had a blast playing chase with him. At the end, Guinness catches up to Nolan and gives him a kiss but totally freaks out Nolan haha.

ALSO… I’m looking for bloggers for an ad swap!! Yes, I realize it’s been a while since I did the whole sponsor thing, I just kept forgetting haha but I would like to do it again for June! I’ve already got one sponsor and need two more, so if you’re interested…shoot me an email! If you’re not too sure what an ad swap sponsor is, basically I display your button on my blog for June and a sponsor feature post with a little blurb on you & your blog. Totally free, doesn’t cost anything but time 😉

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  1. LMAO! Love the videos. Too cute!! 🙂

    Also? Do you wanna swap? I already have your button in the ad swap section on my blog. lol. (it doesn't change, other then to switch spots, haha).


  2. Super dee duper cute videos. I may have laughed harder at you snorting than Archer and the fan 😉

    I'll do an ad swap. We already have each other's buttons but we've never done featured posts or whatever. Text me. I needa venting session via text anyways haha.


  3. I'd love to do an ad swap. Let me know if you have any openings. I need more readers! 🙂 p.s. Another new blog look — I love it! I'm really digging green right now.


  4. Is July good? Allie, Nora and JD emailed first haha! I tend to do three at a time to keep it more intimate 😉

    Just texted you now, at 7am, because I'm sure you're up. And if you aren't? Well I'm jealous lol.


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