Week in iPhone Pics,

This week in iPhone pics…


 1) Big butt problems; my dresses ride up too much haha. 2) Future Soccer Player. 3) Enjoying some sweet baby snuggles…
4) Enjoying some toddler boy cuddles. 5) The boys playing 🙂 6) Nolan slapping dandy lion seeds lol.
7) Storms coming in! 8) Love this shot for some reason ahha! Movement? I don’t know! 9) Looking at a giant ant!

 1-3) Selfies, because…why not?
4) Baby kisses! 5) Driving. 6) Drink of choice this summer…iced coffee!
7) Matt wanted to stop and say hi to his BROFRIEND haha. They have a bromance. 8) Fixing the car! 9) Nolan, being adorable.
10) Archer bean! 11) Nolan’s “fixing” the car haha. 12) Nolan’s “icky” face!
13) Three of my favourite men! 14) Archer loves my feet…too much! haha. 15) Pumping for DATE NIGHT!


 1) Sleepy Archer, he’s sleepy because he woke up too early. 2) Nolan, being a cutie. 3) When Archer cries, Nolan “fake cries”. It’s so much fun. Not.
4) The boys, dancing together. 5) Outside! 6) Nolan really looks like my Papa in this one.
7) Out for a walk along the waterfront! 8) Nolan and Matt walking towards me 🙂


1) Archer is trying so hard to get Nolan’s honey comb cereal! lol. 2) Almost time to put away the swing forever…*CRIES* 3) Sitting up! {he can’t pull himself into a sitting position yet, but he’ll stay sitting when you sit him down for as long as he wants}.
4) Nolan outside! 5) Dirty hands from making MUD PIES! 6) Beautiful clouds and a fedora.
7) Matt 😀 8) Such a beautiful day! 9) Time to ride the bike!
10) YAY BIKES! 11) Clearing spider webs. 12) Nolan’s face when some people passing bye flat out ignored his friendly greeting…jerks.


1) Look what Archer got into when I went to make my tea… 2) Nolan, crawling into Archer’s crib to hang out. 3) Family time before Daddy leaves!
4) Matt heading out 🙁 sad sad. 5) Sky photo. 6) Scary tower Nolan built {baby was rescued before it fell…lol}
7) Watching Wall-E together! 8) Troubles in Potty Training… 9) Potty training isn’t just hard on the toddler…
10) Nolan couch diving on me while I try to do some crunches lol. 11) Archer & Mama cuddle time! 12) Sweet nursing sessions. So relaxing!

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