Week in iPhone Pics,

Our week in iPhone pictures:


 1) My husband is one handsome son of a gun. 2) Archer got his 6 month needles {late, I know! But his 4 month needles were late haha}. He handled it really well! Absolutely NO tears. I was pretty shocked! He even smiled afterwards and giggled. Child likes pain? {No, that isn’t true…because I KNOW he hates teething haha}. 3) A much needed coffee!
4) Only the best expression ever. 5) So handsome, just like his Daddy!
6) Love how warm it was! Sunshine streaming into the house, sliding door wide open…perfect. 7) BABY BELLIES. Irresistible. 8) Just me.
9) Dinner…bacon grilled cheese sandwich with a side of BACON! 10) Adorable, messy little babes, all covered in Mum Mums.


 1) The boys, holding hands and watching cartoons. 2) Attempting potty training {attempt fail}. 3) Cooke face! 
4) Nolan, drowning his KD in milk… 5) French fries covered in CHEESE! 6) Funny texts to my sister cause I’m a little shit haha!

 1) Stuff is all moved out of the way to make room for our new couches! 2) I love baby ears…so delectable. 3) Oh hay, it’s my face. 
4) This is my new love seat, that won’t fit in the basement. I don’t know where my new love seat is going to go when my new couch arrives, since my new couch and new chair will take up ALL the space in the living room. 5) Precious snuggles. 6) Brooding husband. 
7) Bored toddler with the rainy day blahs. 8) Snuggles with Daddy!


 1) Archer loves to play first thing in the morning! 2) Nolan, my handsome little man! 3) Showing me his eye colour – GRAY GREEN! 
4) Archer, shoving Nolan aside haha! 5) Faux hawk! 6) Lunch time 🙂


1) Totally zoned and incredibly adorable 😉 2) I’m wearing my wedding tiara and I feel like a PRINCESS! 3) Snuggling with my Nollie-bear!
4) Hmmm..thinking. 5) Watching Matt & Nolan head out to get the mail! 6) Nolan, picking flowers!
7) Matt & Archer 8) Archer looking nonchalant. 
9) Nolan reading! 10) Dance party in the kitchen with a bucket and a cowboy hat, obviously. 11) Archer’s face whenever I sing “Starships” by Nicki Minaj.
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