Fall backs…

Yesterday cheated me out of being a fantastic day. It should have been, if not only because it was Friday…
HOWEVER…it really wasn’t.
It started out innocently enough…I woke up in a somewhat great mood, had my morning snuggles and nursing session in bed with my little baby, and that always puts me in a good mood. 
 Matt grabbed me a coffee before he headed to work while I got Nolan up.
So, that also put me in a fantastic mood….

But Nolan was GROUCHY from the moment he woke up, he didn’t want to take off his diaper and he fought me on going to the potty…
It wasn’t like Thursday when he woke up totally dry and eager to pee on the potty. I only got him to go after reminding him he was one blue smilie face away from getting a treat, but he whined the whole time. He threw a fit because Matt left for work…
I tried to pacify him by offering to make pancakes. It worked for a bit…til he saw that I was having a bagel with cream cheese {I was too lazy to stand in front of the stove and make more pancakes}.
Suddenly, his pancakes weren’t good enough. 
Archer was in a screechy/whiny/crying mood all morning too, so they were both going nonstop. I came upstairs to put Archer down for the first nap attempt, and Nolan came with me. After I asked him several times if he had to pee and even put him on the potty to no avail, he peed on the floor in his room — all over his books and his teddy bear.
So, I cleaned up the mess and put the teddy bear in the wash…
He freaked out and every 5 minutes demanded his bear back. 
Archer refused to nap, despite being miserably tired, so I got him and brought him back downstairs where he continued to whine and cry and screech. 
…all while Nolan whined and cried and screeched too.
I nursed Archer for a bit, then put him down for a nap and all the while I kept trying to get Nolan to sit on the potty for a pee, since he had been drinking LOTS. No dice. He screamed and cried and threw a fit and would not go.
So I gave in and put a diaper on him.
I KNOW. I shouldn’t give in or whatever, but honestly? I know my child’s moods and when he gets into THAT mood, there’s no reasoning with him. His entire chart would be full of red sad faces and we’d both be in even worse, pissed off moods. 
Thursday was SUCH a great day..honestly, he had a few accidents but he was EAGER to be wearing underwear. He went to the bathroom on the potty every time by himself. We had our first diaper free outing. Things were good and I actually thought that it meant we’d gotten over the major hurdle of starting potty training…
But it feels like we’re back to square one. Like we’ve made no progress.
I don’t get it. How can Nolan rock potty training one day, then flat out refuse to do it the next? What am I doing wrong? 
I know I shouldn’t want him to be potty trained this badly, because it’s probably not helping…but it’s not like I’m forcing him. Because he was so uncooperative and just generally didn’t want to do it, I put the diaper on him. That means I’m not forcing, right? I just get excited when he does potty train and does try…that doesn’t mean I’m rushing it, does it?
I just don’t get why he keeps doing this…one giant step forward and then six steps back.

Needless to say, by 10am I sympathized with this picture someone posted on Facebook:

Potty training is so hard, honestly. Just when I think I get it, just when I think he gets it, this kind of thing happens and knocks me flat on my ass…then I feel like such a failure. 
We’ll try again every day until diapers are gone for good
But still…
I feel like a failure. And that sucks.

In addition, last night sucked too. Archer was up every hour last night, even in the early hours of the morning. Usually I get at least a three hour chunk of uninterrupted sleep…
Last night I didn’t even get two hours.
Of course, today we have like a billion things to do…
One of Nolan’s little friends is having a birthday party around noon, and I have to go out to the grocery store and dollarstore…
All I want to do is sleep. It’s 7am and Archer is up for good now {how is that even possible?!} and I know that Nolan will be waking any minute now too…
I need coffee, stat.

Despite the serious suck of yesterday and lack of sleep, I’m really gonna try to NOT let that dictate what kind of weekend this is…
Matt’s birthday is tomorrow, after all!

P.S. I’m co-hosting the Restless Blog Hop this weekend, so go check it out and join up! I’ve discovered so many awesome blogs through this hop.

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  1. Moms definitely need more breaks than we get!!

    My best potty-training tip is just wait until they're ready. That's the way I did it, I am super lazy like that. My little one did it overnight by herself right after she turned 3. I just sort of ran out of diapers and told her if she went on the potty, I'd give her an M&M. She hasn't worn a diaper since, and only had I think 2 accidents in the beginning.

    Another tip is put training underwear on him. My mom always told me to do that, she said she did it with my brothers and me to potty-train us. Apparently it stops it from leaking, because they're thick cloth, but it's uncomfortable as heck when wet.


  2. Some days he seems ready, like Thursday – only one accident all day and EAGER to learn – and then other days he just doesn't wanna. I do have the training underwear, only with Nolan's super tiny body, they fall right off and I believe they are the smallest size too!


  3. Ouch, definitely a rough day you had! You're not being forceful about potty training, and you're doing great. Toddlers are so damm stubborn it's ridiculous! Just keep trying like you said and I'm sure he'll get it. You're further along in potty training than we are. Landon will sit on the potty for up to an hour, not go, and pee in his pants immediately after. *Sigh*

    Happy Birthday to Matt!


  4. Nolan did that too for a while. Now he can hold it, and he'll hold it until he absolutely can't…on the days he doesn't cooperate, he'll just go in his underwear. But on the days he wants to, he'll pee no problem on the potty – and poop too. So, yeah, FRUSTRATION lol


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