Lately {Happenings}

I’ve been trying to continue my mission of Keeping Busy, and I’ve been pretty successful with it, despite being totally sleep deprived. Archer’s been so ridiculous at night. Before we came down here, he was sleeping from about 9 or 10pm until 8am with only one wake up around 4am for a feeding. It was HEAVEN. Since we got here though, he’s been up every single 2 hours just to cry {he isn’t even HUNGRY}.
Of course, he’s also been teething and now officially has FIVE teeth! So, that’s a factor for sure…as is being in a new place, but I’m so tired I can barely see straight right now. And even though the kids are both sleeping right now, I decided to not even try because Nolan will wake up any moment and I never know if Archer’s out for a while or for a few minutes. Usually, when I don’t lay down, he’s out for at least 2 hours, but when I do…he’s up in 15. It’s like he senses when I’m sleeping and is all “LOL JK MOM”.
ANYWAYS. Yesterday I went to my dad’s for the afternoon/evening. He set up a pool for the kids and A made a delicious meal of stuffed chicken and homemade blueberry cobbler for desert. So good!

So, that was tons of fun! Nolan actually LOVED the pool, I had a hard time getting him out of it for dinner. So I guess Matt is right, he’s just scared of water that he can’t touch the bottom in and hates having baths because getting cleaned? EFF that!
Later today I am going to go see Magic Mike with all my sisters, my cousin Karen, and A. I’m so excited!!! I can’t wait.
I probably won’t be blogging again until after Canada Day, so…
I hope everyone has a fun and safe Canada Day.
OH, I can’t believe I forgot to mention…
It’s not been a week of Nolan not wearing diapers during the day! He wears a pull up at night still, but during the day we are DIAPERLESS.
Sure, we’ve had some accidents {mainly with poop and not getting his pants down quick enough sometimes when he has to pee}, but things are great there.
I’ve probably saved like 15 bucks in diapers this week, just having him NOT wear them 😉
…done more laundry though ahha.
He’s even peeing on the actual toilet!!! At Grampa’s, he pearches to pee.
I want to try and get him full time on the toilet, and then I want to teach him how to stand and aim.
But, baby steps ahha.

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