New Haircuts and Tattoo!

Yesterday was a day of self indulgence for me…I haven’t had one of those in FOREVER. First, the boys and I all got fancy new haircuts!

Then, I went and got a tattoo!!! Honestly it wasn’t too bad, certain areas hurt more to tattoo off the bat but it was pretty good. I wasn’t screaming or withering in pain, not even at the end when it started to REALLY hurt, because it was swollen and sore.

I find that the end of a tattoo always hurts the most, followed closely by the beginning {until I adjust}. The middle is bearable. In fact if I zone out and play on my phone I totally forgot I was getting a tattoo haha!

I love it so much! Even if it does hurt a lot today haha. I think it’s one of my favourites! Tied with Max because, well, I love Max.

The artist and I talked about my sleeve that I wanna get, and that’ll happen as soon as I have all the moneys for it {so, never? haha I joke}.

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  1. Yay ink!

    I've been thinking of things to add to Fievel lately. It just sucks because my tattoo guy — the one who did my shoulder piece — moved to a store an hour away. (The shop opened up a third store and it's closer to where he lives, so it works for him, but it sucks for me.) I've had “the itch” for a while now, hahaha.

    I like that piece where it is. It works really well there, and I love the quill and ink. It's a nice touch, and so you.


  2. awesome! love the new do's!

    make me tattoo hungry! it's been forever since I've gotten one.


  3. Unfortunately, I probably won't anytime soon because of the cost of gas, but maybe once in a while. I'm going to try out the guy who fixed my friend's wrists. I have tons of ideas of things to add to Fievel to cover up the blowout, and the guy who did her wrists specializes in tattoo reconstruction (and he doesn't charge much at all). First thing I'm adding: a typewriter.


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