Puddle Jumping;

When I was a kid, I used to love putting on my rain boots and jumping in a big muddy puddle after a huge rain fall. I didn’t care about getting dirty, or my feet getting soaked.
Nolan loves it just as much as I did!

 I love that he didn’t care that his rain boots were literally full of water…
I love that he picked up his bucket, full of muddy water, and just dumped it on his head…
I love that he kept sticking his head in the water dripping off the roof…
I love that he kept playing, splashing around in the mud, even though it was raining…
I love that he stuck his hands straight in the mud and started building…
Life’s too short to stay clean all the time…
This is what childhood is all about…the mess, the laughter, the ease of it.
I love that I get to experience it all over again, only this time? It’s better…because it’s through my childrens eyes.
I get to watch them experience all the things that I loved as a kid, I get to watch them learn and grow.
I love that.
Even if my laundry pile just increased, and even if I’ll have to steam mop my front hall.
It’s more than worth it.

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    Love the photos!


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