For the last several days, it’s been raining on and off and just icky and miserable out. The sun is always out first thing in the morning, but by the time I’ve met both the kids morning needs, it’s too late to play outside because it’s raining.
I generally don’t mind rain, for the most part. Before Archer was born, Nolan and I would suit up and go outside anyway…but keeping an eight month old dry and warm in the wet weather is kinda hard. Archer doesn’t have any rain gear, and he isn’t content to just sit in his carseat/the stroller for very long. 
So this generally means that we don’t get to go outside…
This morning the sun was still shining by the time I was finished with our morning things, so we finally got to go outside!
Nolan kept calling the sky “sunclouds”, it was pretty cute.

It only lasted for half an hour, because Archer got pissed off at being in the car seat and I decided that it was extremely necessary to come inside and write an angry email to the rental company*, but it was nice to get out for a little while!

Hopefully the rain holds off this afternoon, so we can go back outside.
In the mean time, I’ve got a date power-cleaning my house…starting off in the basement. I need to get caught up in laundry and bring the rec room/play room back to working order.

What are your Thursday plans?

*In case you were wondering what my latest complaints to the rental company are, it’s the dryer vent and how it no longer exists….

I called a couple weeks ago about it, and was told that they would place a work order to have it replaced. While outside today, I noticed that it obviously hadn’t been replaced so I called again. Then I was informed that it was “probably” my responsibility.
Ensue rage quit.
We live right beside the pathway. I’ve complained about the broken beer bottle glass and the garbage and the other damage that is inflicted upon our house simply because it’s right beside the pathway. I dutifully pick up the garbage and glass without calling them and bitching every time because I’m nice, nicer than I should be. Now I’m being told that I get to replace things out of my pocket that are broken/damaged/missing because our house just HAPPENS to be beside the pathway?
I don’t think so.
Remember how they gave me a 6 month run around over cabinet doors? Yeah.
I should have been more vocal about that, but I wasn’t, but I’m reaching the point where I will speak up and call the bullshit card and it won’t always be pretty.
I call bullshit. The rental co is content to keep that pathway open, so THEY need to replace anything that is damaged as a result, not me. If they continue to pull that crap on me? I’ll call the city and the landlord tenant board.

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