Time for Blogging!

Archer is currently sleeping, and Nolan is enjoying his breakfast…so I actually have a little bit of time to blog! I miss blogging. We’ve just been…BUSY, and I love it!
Yesterday, Kim and I drove to pick up coffee pods and kcups at a warehouse, then we went to Robyn’s work for lunch, and then we went to the Village Bake Shop to pick up some yummy goodies. We grabbed iced coffee at McDonalds and I talked to a girl I went to high school with, who also lived in the Northern town Matt and I live in now for a while.
Truth be told, I’m way more excited about this move than Matt is. I can’t wait. I love down south, I grew up here, it feels like home here. I love the Village Bake Shop and running into people I’ve always known. I’m social, but up North…I don’t feel it. I feel isolated and locked up in myself because I have a hard time getting to know new people…for whatever reason. I try, I do, and I’ve made a couple awesome friends, but I really miss my family.
I just know about stuff down here. Like, since we’ve been here we’ve gotten to attend a town function which we never do in NB because we just don’t know it’s happening {except for Summer in the Park, that we know about ahead of time but it isn’t until August}. Tomorrow Kim and I are taking the boys to see Thomas and Friends at the mall, and there’s also a zoo in town that I want to hit up before going back up North.

The other day, I went in to Motor City to get my nose repierced and literally ran into my Dad. He was there visiting the shop owner/his friend. I love random stuff like that. I also love that my dad has pretty much accepted the fact that I’m addicted to “mutalating” my body haha.
Having my sisters close is awesome too. Later today, I’ll be going to Shannon’s and all three of us hope to see Magic Mike on the weekend. 
I miss Matt a lot…like, so much. My worlds out of kilter with him not here, and I can’t wait until he comes down this weekend. I’m excited to watch fireworks with my family, {although I KNOW Nolan’s going to freak the hell out, he HATES loud noises}, and to actually celebrate Canada Day with everyone. We usually hide from shadflies because we’re up north. I’m also stoked to go on a date with him. I have no idea what we’re going to do — either go to the movies or just go OUT together — but I’m excited! I’m excited to get to do it regularly when we move down too.
In half an hour I have two friends stopping in for coffee. I can’t wait to do that all the time either! And in our own place, because poor Kim needs her house back!
Just a couple months until we move!!!! I’m so excited!

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  1. You do sound happier. You remind your hubby “happy wife, happy life” =)


  2. Haha! There's actually a guy in our complex with a bumper sticker that says that…only there's another guy in town that has one that says “No Wife, Happier Life” lmfao!


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