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It seems like every time I sit down and fire up my mother-in-law’s laptop when it’s just a little bit peaceful, all hell breaks loose and I have to abandon the task of blogging to, you know, parent. But right now, Nolan is still sleeping so my chances of actually finishing a post are slightly higher.
The last few days we have been pretty busy. I didn’t drive home like I was supposed to on Saturday. I called Matt and started whining about the looming 4.5 hour drive with two kids. I was completely at a loss for how I was supposed to use the rest room during our stops, because my toddler screams bloody murder every single time we approach the public washroom doors and no matter how I loaded the van, my stroller would be impossible to get out without having to pull other things out {either by meaning to or not meaning too}. PLUS my stroller is massive and generally doesn’t fit in the cramped rest rooms at McDonalds or Tim Hortons, or at least…it doesn’t manuvour very well at all.
“Well, why don’t you stay down another week? Then I’ll come up on Friday or Saturday and we’ll do Canada Day down there?” he, the genious that he is, suggested. He knows that I’ve been pretty much dying to live down here do Canada Day down here, especially because every single year without fail Canada Day just so happens to fall smack dab in the middle of the dreaded shadfly season…which I dread. I hate bugs, and sworms of bugs are pretty much my hell. We always end up not going to the waterfront to watch fireworks or participate in any Canada day festivities because of the shadflies and my fear of icky things…so this is fantastic!
Although…I’m really missing Matt. Our night time cuddles and just his presense. I have plenty of help around here thanks to his mom but Matt is definitely missed. We video chat almost every single day {thanks to the ap Tango that allows Android and iPhone video chatting — but be careful, if you’re not on wifi it uses A LOT of your data!}, so that’s been nice.
On Saturday, I took the boys {along with Matt’s brother, his fiance and her brother} downtown to experience the summerfest. We watched a dog show {so adorable!} and walked around for a bit. I ran into my sister and her family, which was pretty neat. I obviously never have that happen up North! Here are some pictures from that:

Also on Saturday, I visited with a bunch of old friends from the old neighborhood and stopped in at my dad’s. Sunday was my day of lesiure and today Kim and I are dragging the kids along on errands.
Prior to the weekend I have kept very busy with play dates and the like. I had to attend a funeral on Friday for one of the members at the rec group I used to volunteer at, so that was incredibly sad and very dire circumstances to see the old gang again. I met my good friend N&S’s daughter, and she’s adorable.
On Thursday I attended a play date with two girls I used to go to high school with. We all have a 3 year old and a under 1 year old, and ALL are boys, so that was A LOT of fun. Nolan road on the back of an ATV and jumped on a trampoline, and enjoyed hanging out with his friends.

Only…one of the little boys, H, kept calling him a “baby” because he was the only one {aside FROM the babies} wearing a diaper. Nolan got super mad about that and was stomping around saying “I’m NOT a baby, I’m NOLLIE!” and since then we’ve actually been potty training! I guess being called a baby by a kid his age {well, younger even} was the push he needed.
 We’ve had a few accidents but nothing major. We have been going on all outings without diapers. I just bring the potty chair and put it in the van and make sure he uses it when we’re out {he won’t pee on trees}.

So, that’s pretty damn exciting. We’ve not put a diaper on him {during the day, anyway} in like three or four days. The errands Kim and I run today will be done in underwear too — I’ll just bring the potty chair along and make sure he uses it before we go into the stores and just after. He also wears a diaper at night {today I’ll be picking up pull ups though, just for the big kid feel} because he doesn’t hold it yet and won’t wake up.  
As for Archer…he’s ALMOST mastered crawling! He’s tried getting into the stance a few times, but always falls over. I predict that within the next two weeks he’ll be pro at it.
So, that’s what we’ve been up to and what we’re doing.
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I’m totally shocked that I was actually able to write this blog post, with Archer fussing only RIGHT NOW at the end of it. WOOHOO!

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  1. WTG on the potty training! I need to get Landon on the monkey-see-monkey-do bandwagon. Landon's starting preschool in September!


  2. The only thing that helped push Nolan into ready zone was being called a baby by a younger kid! Everyone was right, they're ready when they're ready. haha


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