Week in iPhone Pics,

This week…


 1) Matt started a new job, so I packed him a lunch! hehe. 2) Archer’s “diaper changing” faces. 3) Happy boy, now that his bum is changed haha.
4) Playing Mickey Mouse & Spiderman fight off with Nolan. 5) The boys playing. 6) Archer trying his hardest to get at Nolan’s drink.
7) Lounging. 8) Attacking Mama’s hair/face. 9) Cute face!


 1) Mornings. 2) I don’t really know what they are doing… 3) Archer enjoying a breeze haha.
4) Archer staring at Nolan. 5) Nolan’s silly face. 6) Introducing the POTTY CHART!
7) Daddy comes home and goes straight to playing Potato Head {soon as he showers that is} 8&9) Selfies.


 1) Having a tea before work. 2) Laughing at something Daddy said. 3) How Archer “uses” a pacifier.
4) “Mrs” Potato Head {Nolan’s creation}… 5) Baby toes. 6) Just a view while I made a tea.
7) Mom problems…trying to keep Archer away from the stuff in the TV stand = difficult. 8) The boys. 9) Photo bombed by Spiderman…
10) Archer having a BLAST slapping my leg fat. 11) The weather {yuck} 12) Ready for sleeps.


 1) Coffee, a necessary evil. 2) One little monkey jumping on the bed… 3) I arranged the fruit 🙂 haha
4) I told him to sit down, he said “I am Mom”… 5) Playing with Playdoh. 6) Kids fell asleep in the car so I was gonna let them nap…then a guy came by with a weed wacker. They stayed asleep…
7) …until the guy with the lawn mower came by. Then they woke up. 8) Nolan’s all WTF lol 9) Matt and Archer having a truck conversation with one of Matt’s friends.


 1) Super smilie baby FTW. 2) Matt checking to see what I packed for lunch 🙂 3) Pancake attempt.
4) The only way to eat pancakes, obvi. 5) Updating my Google+ page and drinking COFFEE. 6) Kisses.
7) So much love! 8) Archer giving me a classic WTF look. 9) I felt like crap, so I dressed the part.
10) Waiting for Matt to get home… 11) PLAYDOH. 12) Found this hat…Archer doesn’t like it…
13) Rings and hand holding. 14) Matt’s trying to wedgie me. 15) SQUISH.

All in all, a pretty decent week…save for Friday, which sucked pretty bad.
How was your week?

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  1. Looks like you had a great week. Except for that dang Friday! GR.

    I really love that one selfie you took. Makes me wanna jump you if we are being honest here. lol.


  2. It worked for one day, then we had a potty training strike…we're gonna try again today..hopefully he wants to do it! I'm kinda noticing a trend..Nolan doesn't wanna potty train if it's rainy/cold/gross out :/


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