Week in iPhone Pics,

Another week in iPhone pics!


 Monday was rather boring and dull. We didn’t do much at all but hang out and play.
I made a delicious casserole for dinner and Nolan tried to tell me before even trying it that it was “yucky”. I finally conned him into eating by telling him he could run errands with his Daddy, and he nommed it right up and said “OO! I LIKE IT! I’m sorry Mommy!” Made my day, pretty much.
So did the stories Matt had for me when he got home with Nolan {Archer and I stayed home, he had a nice bath haha}.
Matt took Nolan to Tims and they saw Matt’s cousin R, and Nolan turned on the charm and got a Boston Cream donut from her…when he finished eating it at home Matt said “be sure to thank R again when you see her!” and Nolan said “YA! And auntie give me MORE!”
What a ham 😉 

Tuesday I got the car in the morning so that I could do all my running around. After a quick stop off at Tim Hortons before we dropped Matt off, we went to pick up Matt’s cousin R and met an overly friendly cat who wanted to come home with us. I grabbed my papers from the doctors office and then we hit up the mall.
I picked Matt up from work at 4 so he could go see his doctor. Nolan, Archer and I hung out in the car while we waited….and I love Northern driving…so pretty!

 Wednesday started out with a toddler food battle bright and early — he ordered cinnamon toast for breakfast than decided he didn’t want to eat it. Then my friend J and her 5 month old came over for a play date, we spent the afternoon chatting about everything from motherhood to school to anything that popped in our heads! It was nice.
Aside from that, the boys played nicely together all day and I accomplished some house work. WIN.

 Thursday was busy. Kids woke up, did the morning thing, and despite it being cloudy we were able to get outside to play for a bit. There was lots of bug squishing and baby boy smiles! After that, the boys watched a movie for a while…then Nolan actually WANTED to go down for a nap, and Archer did for a while too! I was able to sneak in a 20 minute snooze and it was glorious I tell ya! 
After Archer woke up, we cuddled in my bed for about 20 minutes. Then came downstairs and Archer showed off his flexibility. 
Nolan woke up SUPER grumpy, I started and finished a delicious dinner {another casserole creation!}.
Nolan wasn’t ready to go to bed and ended up coming downstairs for an hour after bed time…and he went on a creating rampage. It was kinda hilarious/adorable. I snapped a cute picture of Archer that made ovaries explode everywhere and then I went upstairs to cuddle with Nolan, who insisted on “lighting up” the inside of his mouth with the flash light haha.

 Friday was…well, if I’m being honest {and I am}…Friday was a really hard day for me emotionally. I felt depressed and just drained. Maybe it had something to do with the weather, but more than likely it was because Matt and I had a stupid argument in the morning 🙁 I hate arguing before work.
Despite that, I tried my hardest to just involve myself with the boys and keep from being bummed out. Archer and Nolan both gave me plenty of cuddles. It was rainy out. 
Finally around 5pm the rain stopped and we were able to go outside for a bit so Nolan could jump in puddles.
Matt and I made up the moment he got home, and the rest of the evening was pretty uneventful and blah.
So, that was our week! I’m kinda glad it’s over…there were plenty of great parts to it but the weather sucked and so did my mood!
I’m looking forward to next week, I’ll be down south with the boys getting in tons of family visits and seeing friends. Yippy!
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