Instagram, lately…

 1. Unhappy toddler DOES NOT WANT A CHEESEBURGER. Fail McDonalds, fail.
2. Toddler seeks vengeance on me by blowing bubbles {aka TODDLER BACKWASH} in my iced coffee.
3. Cranky baby awakes to be cranky.
 4 & 5. Nolan’s new hats
6. Archer playing with Papa!
 7. Dropping a cookie on himself. Slob haha
8. Blues.
9. Eating my face…{I can hear the bath salt jokes already}
 10. Kiddie pool! 
11. J watching her daughter splash around.
12. Just outta the big pool!
 13 & 14. Waiting patiently for Nana in his Charlie Harper shirt haha.
15. My boys and I.
 16. Sky.
17. Too cute for words!
18. Dinner.
 19. My cat! She’s in town! Staying at my Dad’s right now.
20. Crazy hair!
21. Watching the news together…unhappy happenings in the news.
 22. Sleeping man.
23. Sleeping man and sleeping baby. Everyone’s sleeping but me.
24. SKY.
25. More sky…because I love the sky haha. 
26. Nolan, eating toast. 
27. My friend Natasha with her son Cole & my Archer bean.
 28. Nolan, Noah and Savannah. 
29. Sleepy baby eating lunch!
30. Daddy setting up the crib {!!}

 31. Matt driving.
32. I LOVE LAMP! No, really, I want those ball lights…
33. Matt excited for one of his favourite songs 😀

 34. Matt singing Paramore “Emergency”
35. Nolan eating dinner on the front porch & covering his ears because the train is “loud” lol.
36. Daddy cuddles make Archer SUPER happy! 

 37. Kisses
38. Another morning sky.
38 pictures from recently, and that’s not even all of them…just my faves from the past several days.
Yup…I have an issue.
Tomorrow, Robyn and I are going to IKEA. I’m so damn excited I can’t even think straight. I’ve never been to IKEA before.
This weekend is gonna rock.

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  1. I love Ikea! I went for the first time last year, it was actually one of my goals to do that year! Haha! 🙂

  2. tierney

    ahh I'm 15 minutes away from Burligton Ikea's dangerous! Have an awesome time, you'll be able to spend hours there. Don't forget the .75 hotdogs & $1 frozen yogurt …YUM!


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