Park Dates & One on One Time

Yesterday I got to spend some solo time with each of the boys separately. Archer and I hung out for a while when Nana took Nolan to run some errands. We cuddled and played on the floor.

Then, in the afternoon while Archer napped, Nolan and I escaped to the park for a bit. We met up with JD, JL and Dustin.

Dustin and Nolan are kind of hilarious together. Nolan has to borderline harass Dustin into playing with him, for the most part Dustin would rather do his own thing. I remember how Nolan was at that age {the exact same} so it’s no surprise to me, and Nolan doesn’t really mind. Once they get playing though, it’s adorable. Nolan will try to “teach” Dustin things, and Dustin will just kind of follow along like “whatever, I DO WHAT I WANT” haha.

It was really great getting to see JD again, even if it was for a quick park date.

Also at the park:

Nolan went up to a couple of big kids and asked them to pass the ball to him, and they did! For about five minutes they gently bounced the ball to Nolan and caught it when he returned it. I was pleasantly surprised by this…most big kids that Nolan encounters don’t want to give him the time of day, and it was really something else watching Nolan’s face light up at the attention.

I loved getting to spend a little one on one time with both boys today. I love spending time with the both of them, of course, but individual activities with my boys is super fun. I think I’m going to [try] to do this more often, if I can of course.

Yesterday, a few firsts happened that kind of make me wonder where the hell is time going?

This, for example:

Archer pulled himself into a standing position against the table. I can’t believe it…seems like just yesterday he was learning to master rolling over and now he can sit from a laying down position and pull himself up. He’s also been trying to climb the stairs…

[photo cred to my future SIL]

It’s been pretty interesting around here, needless to say! I’m sure Archer will master crawling in no time at all, and before I know it he’ll be walking.

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