Self Bashing

I have a big problem with [the majority of] today’s females: they don’t see their worth. They don’t see how amazing, how beautiful, how wonderful they are. They think so little of themselves. They settle for less than they deserve.

And I don’t get it. This epidemic of treating ourselves like absolute shit. I’m guilty of it too. I’m constantly looking at myself in the mirror, criticizing every little detail about myself that I don’t like — and I don’t like a lot about me. I know I’m on the only one who does it, I know my mother-in-law does it…I know my sisters do it, I know my friends do it…I know we’re all guilty of saying such harsh and cruel things about ourselves and I don’t understand why.

I would never sit there and talk about how fat/ugly/disgusting someone else is, so why do I do it about myself? Why is it normal for women to talk about themselves like that?

I want to love myself, I want to be comfortable in who I am, and I am…for the most part…but when I hang out with other people who feel the need to trash talk themselves, I start doing it to myself again too. And I know that the majority of the time, we’re all just doing it out of habit….out of routine. I often point this out too, when I notice it. I often say “why are we doing this? Why are we trash talking ourselves?” Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, beauty is a million and one things.

I’m making a concious decision to change my way of thinking, to stop bashing myself and being so critical. To tell myself hey girl, you look GOOD when I look in the mirror. How can one feel pretty and go about their day with confidence if they start it out looking in the mirror pointing out all their “flaws”? They just can’t. So, I’m going to stop doing that.

And I want you to too, because you’re beautiful, and you’re perfect.

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  1. Every time one of my friends starts to self-bash, I cut her off and tell her nice things about herself. Yet when I’m alone, I’m very hard on myself. Why are we so harsh to ourselves? Where did we get this picture of perfection?

    I’m with you: no more. We deserve better.


    1. That’s a good idea; I’m going to try that! I don’t know why we’re so hard on ourselves but it needs to stop because DO, indeed, deserve better.


  2. I think it has a lot to do with media representation of what the “perfect woman” should look like.
    I try to tell myself all the time that I am beautiful even with my cellulite and my fat, and that all of that is just from being a fun person who actually goes out and eats and drinks and enjoys myself. Of course, that’s when I’m feeling confident. Then I watch shows and go “darn, I wish I looked like that”. And I don’t know why!

    You are gorgeous and a smoking hot mama, don’t let yourself ever tell yourself otherwise!


    1. I think you’re right, the media shoots out SO MANY messages about the perfect woman and she doesn’t look anything like the majority of women, and that’s fine.

      Thank you hun! You’re smoking hot too!


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