Just a little better

DAY FOUR! I have reached day four, and there is a light at the end of this tunnel here. My breasts aren’t hurting as much as they have been the last four days. Sure, they’re still a little swollen, heavy and sore but there is an improvement there.

Archer is doing fantastic. He really is. He’s taken to bottles with ease and loves them. He only woke up once last night to actually eat, around 11:30pm. I didn’t even handle that feeding! I was literally knocked the hell out by the Benedryl I took in a weak attempt to dry up my milk. I don’t know if it actually worked, but it certainly allowed me to get a little caught up on sleep! Archer didn’t sleep solidly through the night, of course. He was up two or three times after his 11:30pm wake up, but didn’t want to eat. He just wanted snuggles.

So, weaning is going very well. Surprisingly well. I don’t know why I was so scared to do it…maybe because I was worried I would be hurting Archer’s feelings? His feelings are fine though. He is fine. We snuggle up none-stop, just the same as we did while nursing.

Aside from weaning stuff, we’ve been having a blast the last few days just hanging out doing our thing. Lots of playing outside, and yesterday Kim and I took the boys to Walmart for a “Walmart date” with my sister and her kids. We came home and watched a bit of a movie, then Nolan came with me on a quick Shoppers run. Then we decided to visit my dad.

Nolan knows Grampa D’s neighbourhood. We’ll be a block or two away, and he’ll say “LET’S GO VISIT PAPA!”. When Nolan ran up to him he said “I love you Papa!” and my heart melted times a thousand. He has such a great bound with his grandparents here, and he enjoys spending time with them so very much. Now that we’re going to be here all the time, we’ll get to visit more with everyone.

In 10 days, we’ll be moving into our new place. I’m so excited! I’m also looking forward to going up North with just Matt on the 28th. It won’t be much of a vacation, considering we’ll be packing up the house and moving and what not…but I’m sure the uninterrupted nights of sleep will feel glorious!

So, yeah. That’s what’s been going on here! Plus some of this:

Oh, and only the best sky/cloud photo I’ve taken yet haha:

P.S. I’m digging this post on a little king and i. Thank you Shawntae for writing an amazing post on opinions and motherhood!

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