Today is MOVING DAY! I’ve written and scheduled this post in advance but I can assure you I’m super italics, cap locks and BOLD excited about this. Even if it means I’ll be spending the next 2 days trying to unpack all of our things because I can’t actually function with boxes laying around. I’m supposed to get the Internet on Monday, so I’ll resume posting after that. In the mean time…enjoy this rant while I do all the hard work of unpacking 😉

* * * *

I’ve come to the conclusion that I am very opinionated. I never used to be, but maybe it’s because of the years I’ve spent blogging and tweeting my thoughts on everything and anything that comes to mind. It’s a digital age. The norm is to broadcast like, everything.

Only recently have I developed a filter in which I didn’t broadcast every tiny happening on my twitter or blog. I used to blog about literally anything that affected me, even if it wasn’t fully my story to share. I’d blog about my feelings, my reactions, what I thought should be happening or how things should go. I blogged about my opinions on everything. And that’s okay, sometimes. There has to be a line, somewhere.

For instance, if somebody I know is doing something I don’t agree with, I can’t blog about what they’re doing and why I don’t agree with it because it’s not my story to share. Sure, I may have initial thoughts or feelings about whatever it is they are doing (or not doing, whatever), but it’s not my place to share them, because the “back story” isn’t mine. Years ago, I would have been chopping at the bit to reveal the latest family or friend drama and my thoughts on it.

I think that whole filter thing has to come with age and experience. I own these words now, and I realize the weight of them more than I did before. In the past two years alone, really. When a situation occurred that majorly affected me and who I am today but I couldn’t write about it because everyone involved, myself included, wanted privacy and discretion. I can write about certain parts now, but the back stories aren’t mine and will never be mine to share.

Now when something happens in my life that I have strong opinions about, I think twice before I say or do anything. I ask myself is it worth it? Is it worth hurting someone’s feelings or pissing someone off? Bottom line is, people are going to do what people want to do. It’s their lives. I don’t even like offering advice to anybody anymore, because what I would do is entirely different from what anyone else would do. That’s what makes me me and them them.

So, I’m going to [try to] keep my opinions to myself.

And I’m going to drink more wine.

Just kidding, I promise.

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