Tomorrow, M and I leave to go up North and pack up our entire house. The boys are staying with Nana Kim and they couldn’t be more excited about that! My kids haven’t yet had any grandparent sleepovers…at least not with me here. N’s spent a week at my Granny’s house, his Great Granny, when he was 4 months old. I was in the hospital for a week and Granny and my cousin were babysitting him for me. M had to work, as did the other grandparents and my mom was making trips to see me so she couldn’t watch him.

Anyways, I’m excited for this…and not just for the fact that this will be our first “trip” away without the kids. When I was little I would spend weeks on end with my grandparents, either at their house or at the cottage. They always had fun activities for us to do, and I loved spending time with them. I’m excited for my kids to have that experience, maybe not the whole cottage experience but at least the sleepovers and fun activities with their grandparents.

In four days I will get the keys to our new house, and we will begin the tedious process of moving in! Yesterday, M and I met with the landlord to drop off our postdated cheques and sign the lease. The house looks great…but I have a growing concern for the upstairs bathroom. They decided to re-do the tub and have the next door neighbour, a contractor, doing it…only he hasn’t started yet. He’s ripped out the old and prepared the site, but he hasn’t begin putting in the new tile etc. I really want and need it to be finished before we move in…it’d be super difficult to cart kids over to my in-laws and ourselves over for baths and showers. Plus, then I’d have to worry about the contractor working on the bathroom interrupting the kids schedules. Mainly nap time. So, fingers crossed that the bathroom is finished in time (he’s had since June so…ya).

He also put in a backsplash, only he’s yet to grout it. So, yeah. Hopefully if he doesn’t finish stuff by Friday, the landlords will let M finish it. He’s remodelled bathrooms before and knows how to grout. He’s actually very good at it. We’ll see though.

This move is feeling more and more real…the fact that we’re going to be down here, after so long not here, is just mind blowing and thrilling and I can’t wait. I love going out for drives and up North we had no destination other than parks. Here, we stop in and visit my dad or my sister, or some friends. It’s fantastic.

I can’t wait to cook in my kitchen, and to put my boys to bed in their new rooms. I can’t wait to sleep in our new room!

I also have a prediction that my house is going to be pretty much always spotless (save for kid toys), considering we won’t be getting TV.

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  1. Katy

    Are you gonna watch stuff online on your laptops?


    1. We have Netflix, so we can watch from the laptop or the xBox.


  2. I can only imagine how excited you are 🙂 I hope to see lots of pictures when you get settled!


    1. I’ll be getting the Internet on the 5th! So, after that lmao. My goal is to get everything unpacked for a “tour” bahaha. I’m delirious.


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