The Men in My Life…

I really love the men in my life. I love how similar they all are to one another…sometimes I feel like the odd man out. Or woman, more accurately. Archer used to look like me, but lately he’s resembling his daddy more and more.

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I don’t mind that neither of them really resemble me. I love looking at our beautiful boys and seeing the man that I love, the man that helped me create such amazing human beings. It cracks me up how much they’re both like daddy. They have their father’s mannerisms, their father’s looks, and they make a lot of the same faces.

Matt is, and has always been, a very passionate guy, and he stands up for what he believes in. I’ve always loved that about him. He is easily affected by his surroundings, as are both our boys. If I’m moody, they’ll all be moody. It’s kind of amusing and also a little irritating because I can never just own my grumpiness, because the entire family gets grumpy. Our kids are equally as passionate.

I hope to teach them that passion is good, and stubbornness is good too. My boys are both stubborn little creatures, and while it’s incredibly frustrating now (when I’m trying to get Nolan to pick up his toys or Archer to stop chewing on cords) I know that it will come in handy down the road, when they want to pursue their dreams. Nobody will tell them that they can’t and if they do? That will fuel their passionate fires.

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