Weekend Wrap Up

We sort of had another lazy weekend…the weather was questionable and we just didn’t feel like doing much. We spent a lot of time indoors, playing with toys and watching Disney movies.

On Sunday, Matt took me out on a daytime date. We saw Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and it was very good, although I haven’t seen Batman Returns so I was kind of confused. Either way, great movie.

Here’s what our weekend looked like in photos:

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In other news…there’s only 18 more days until we move! I’m so excited, I can’t even contain myself. We’re going up on the 28th or 29th to pack and do the general move out cleaning etc, and on the 30th we’re getting a U-Haul and loading it up. We’re officially moving all our stuff down on the 31st and then we will be done there.

I’ve waited so long for this move to happen, but I won’t lie…I’m a little sad. We’ve lived up North for the past 2, nearly 3 years. Our youngest son was born there.

But, family is here. Since being here I’ve found myself feeling more happier and less isolated. Maybe it’s the regular morning coffee dates I get to have with Robyn, one of my all time best friends. Maybe it’s the fact that my sisters, dad and everyone else are all in town or at least, nearby. Maybe it’s because, since being here, I’ve had more opportunities and chances to get out and do stuff for myself, or go on dates with Matt.

I also find this town to be beautiful. Sure, it’s got it’s downfalls but for the most part it’s always green. It’s sort of in a valley so the clouds are always spectacular (as my Instagram shows pretty much every day haha).

I can’t wait to cook in my new kitchen, and to put my kids to bed in their new rooms. I can’t wait to sit on the couch and cuddle with Matt. I can’t wait to decorate this house and make it ours.

I’ve set up for hydro and gas, and I’ve placed a move in order with Rogers for the Internet. Matt and I decided we couldn’t truly live without it, not with two kids to entertain and the winter months coming up. But no cable, as we watch most of our movies online anyway.

SQUEEEE, 18 more days!!!

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  1. Beautiful photos. Glad you guys had a great weekend! I’m working on moving too…it’s always so hectic. Congrats on the move though. It sounds like a good one. 🙂


    1. Moving is definitely hectic, no doubt about that! This one feels worse, maybe because I’m not packing (all our stuff is up north right now) and I will have 3 days to pack and do EVERYTHING?! AHHH. I hope it’ll go smoothly lol. congrats on your move too!


  2. I’m SO excited for you guys!

    I am a Batman fanatic and you actually don’t need to see Batman Returns to understand The Dark Knight Rises. Batman Returns is Tim Burton Batman and The Dark Knight Rises is Christopher Nolan Batman. They are separate franchises. 🙂


    1. I did kinda understand it, but I didn’t get the whole League of Shadows thing lmao.


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