Devil Child

For the past four days, Aj’s been feverish and absolutely miserable. Night times were a complete nightmare. He woke every hour to scream cry. All he wants is to be held and bounced and if we aren’t holding him the way he wants, he’ll start head butting or pinching. When Aj’s in pain, he has no problem letting everyone else know it — and maybe causing a little of his own pain.

When he isn’t beating the snot out of me (and giggling about it, no doubt), I do enjoy the cuddles. But I’m definitely not a fan of the up all nighters he’s been pulling.

Yesterday I took him to see Dr. A, because I really didn’t think it was just teething or a cold and fever. Poor bug has an inner ear infection on both sides — which totally explains the miserable, feverish baby that has invaded the sweet happy personality that is usually Aj. So, we’ve got some medication to treat it and he had two doses between yesterday and this morning so far. He slept a good 6 hours last night, and only woke up once for more medication and a bit of a bottle.

Today he is just as miserable as he was yesterday, only he’s a little meaner. When Aj’s in pain, he turns into a totally different baby who only smiles when he’s causing pain to others. It’s actually kind of terrifying, the look he gets on his face when he’s scratching of bits of my skin from my face. That’s how I can gauge how much pain he’s in. If he’s actually trying to do serious damage to other people, he needs some Advil or Tylenol stat.

N gets super sweet and cuddly when he’s sick. He’s a holy terror every other day of the year, but when he’s sick he’s docile and sweet. Aj is pretty easy to please usually, and quick to smile (they both are). This is the first time Aj’s been in a lot of pain, and I think it would be suffice to say that he isn’t handling it very well…

Poor N. Poor me. We are the poor sick miserable baby’s targets. Me, because I’ll pity his sad cry and pick him up for cuddles, only to have half my face ripped off. N, because he’ll desperately try to guard a few of his favourite toys only to have his hair ripped out. I do the only thing I know how to do – I remove Aj from the situation, tell him no and let him have a meltdown on the floor about it. Despite it being quite painful (and probably very traumatizing for N, who spent a good two and a half years growing that hair), I can’t help but laugh at the whole thing. Well, not that Aj is sick and in pain (that tears me up), but because of how he’s reacting to the pain.

I think he takes after me in that regard. When I’m in a ton of pain, I’m very cranky and miserable. I try not to take it out on those around me, but I’m also an adult and I know how to channel my bad energy (usually into cleaning, or writing). So far, Aj channels it into beating up his family members.

Hopefully that’s a thing he’ll outgrow. I really hope this doesn’t mean he’s a bully or a mean kid, because he’s usually nice and sweet.

How does your baby react to pain or being sick? Do they remain the same baby they were, or do their personalities change? Please tell me I’m not the only one who’s baby becomes possessed by the devil when they’re sick?

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  1. Ouch. Poor little guy. I’d beat people up if I had a double ear infection, too!

    I understand your concern, though. He’ll probably grow out of it once he starts learning how to communicate his pain in words. That is my non-expert, I Don’t Have Children, opinion. 😉


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