That Fall Feeling

The leaves are beginning to change colour and fall. I noticed it the other day, when I was out front with the family and saw brown leaves littering our drive way.

Fall is one of my favourite seasons. Just the smells, the crisp air, warm sweaters, cups of hot tea and warm blankets, pumpkin scented things (even though I don’t actually LIKE the flavour of pumpkin), HALLOWEEN, and the crunching of leaves under my feet. When I was little I used to enjoy racking all the fallen leaves into a huge pile, just so we could jump on it. We lived in the country and didn’t have to worry about racking leaves for appearance sake, it was simply for fun.

I can’t wait to do that this year for the boys. To rake a pile of leaves and jump into it with them. Maybe Aj will be walking by that point…or maybe he’ll just enjoy crawling into a pile of them. I know N will love jumping into leave piles.

The front of our house is perfect for it. There are so many old trees on this street, when all the leaves fall off them it will be gloriously fun. I can’t wait. I’ve been envisioning fall decorations for our front porch…last year I really wanted to get some hay bales and decorate them with pumpkins and squash and other things that remind me of fall. I wanted to get corn stalks too.

Kind of like this:

I don’t have a Halloween costume budget for the boys this year. It’s awesome living near so many friends with kids, because we kind of do a “costume exchange” of sorts. I’ve already got both of the boys costumes. Now it’s just M and I to worry about, and I think we’re done too, so I just might have a fall decorating budget available to put together my ideas!

I know…I always go a little haywire with my ideas for seasonal decorating. M always rolls his eyes because I can never actually bring myself to spend money on those ideas. Decorating can be costly and unless I can find really cheap ways of doing things, I can’t justify spending the money so it rarely doesn’t happen. We’ll see though. Now that we’re back home, I have friends in the farming industry 😉

What are you looking forward to most about fall? 

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