Aj’s Birthday Party & Thanksgiving Lunch

On Saturday we threw Aj’s birthday party/Thanksgiving lunch. It was a full house! Everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves, and Aj adored being the focus of attention, especially when everyone sung to him.

It was my first time hosting a big family dinner in my own house. In the past, we had N’s birthday parties at my dads or at S’s house. I’ve never had that many people in my house at once, and it was kind of awesome. Leading up to it though, I was a mess. I worried that my house wasn’t going to be clean enough, or that there would be enough to eat or drink. I worried that nobody would have fun and everyone would silently agree to never let me host a family function again. Luckily, there was plenty to eat and drink and everyone did have fun.

Our friend made Aj’s beautiful birthday cake. I almost didn’t want to cut into it, but you know me and my self restraint. Nanna B (M’s grandma) made the turkeys and pilgrim hats, and the kids loved them! I couldn’t quite decorate how I wanted because there is apparently a helium shortage and I ran out of time (plus finding the proper colours amidst all this HALLOWEEN stuff was hard), but I thought we did pretty good.

M’s uncle brought a really spicy/hot dip for chips, and it was delicious! But S thought it was cheese dip so heaped it on, then found out the hard way. I couldn’t stop laughing at her for the remainder of the day.

N and X played upstairs in N’s room, and they were so good. I talked to S about how strange it was that they were free to roam the house now without our constant presence. They’re growing up. 

I hope everyone else had a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend! I can’t believe a year ago today, I was passed out cold on my sister-in-law’s couch with my boob hanging out. The joys of having a new baby, I guess.

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