From This Weekend

This weekend was beautiful, peaceful, and full of fun. I really needed it. It was healing. I’ve been feeling very anxious and depressed as of late, but this weekend I was able to let go of those negative feelings.

Friday, I babysat my gorgeous niece and my handsome nephew. Four kids, three and under all day from 8am until nearly 6pm…holy smokes. It was chaotic, but so fun. The four of them literally had every single toy out at one point, you couldn’t even see my floor! Nap time for Aj was difficult though. It seemed like I would just get Aj nearly asleep and someone would wake him up. I’m pretty sure the three older ones took turns doing that. They definitely teamed up on me but it was totally fun. There was one moment when I walked upstairs and caught X shoving N into the linen closet, telling him “You’re on a time out!” I couldn’t stop laughing. Seriously. I know, I probably should have been more serious when I was telling them off but damnit why are kids so funny when they’re misbehaving?

I’d do it again in a heart beat. [Do you hear that S?! I’m serious when I say I will do it whenever!] I feel like I need to make up for lost time with those kids. Seeing them once every couple of months since like forever wasn’t good enough for me. I felt like Yaya barely recognized me half the time. She was uncertain when they first got dropped off but by the end of the day she was cuddling with me on the couch and giving me kisses. I won’t let them forget what Auntie Jess looks like again, that’s for sure!

Saturday, we made a day trip to visit M’s family up North. The drive there went fairly well, until it started pouring rain about 20 minutes away from our destination. The kids were fairly good about the whole thing too, until we were 10 minutes away and Aj had a world class meltdown. Hanging out with everyone was fantastic, we missed them so much. If my kids weren’t so horrible about overnighters (and if M didn’t think he had to work Sunday morning — turns out he didn’t but still), we would have stayed the night. After a really fun dinner and birthday cake/presents for Aj, we headed home. The trip home wasn’t so great – if one kid wasn’t crying or screaming, the other one was. It might be less of a headache to stay over…although I’m fearful of that, but we’ll try that next time. I guess I should get used to it, overnighters will be happening in the summer when we go camping….both the kids and I need to get over that.

Sunday we visited Robyn at her and her boyfriend’s house. They moved in the same weekend we moved into our house, and I haven’t yet gotten to see it yet. It was just supposed to be me going, then N and I…then M and Aj came too, because we needed to pick up Aj’s new car seat anyway. Aj fell in love with her cat, Ricky (he has THUMBS, Ricky has THUMBS) and I fell in love with the house and the property.

After we had our coffees, we all piled in the car and went to Walmart (for Aj’s carseat) and then to this really cool shop that is just full of amazing pieces of art, handcrafted. Things carved from wood, things made from metal, this place had it all. I bought my dad’s birthday present there, and M and I will definitely be going back for some people on our Christmas list.

When we got home, N put me to bed in his room and cleaned my room. He told me “I’m mommy, I clean! You’re N, you sleep,” and I died from laughter and the cuteness. He even sorted socks and put the dirty laundry in the hamper.

This weekend was just what I needed (even if I’m incredibly sore from all the go-go-going I did). I love it when we do fun things, even if it’s just going for a country drive and stopping in at an incredibly interesting store to have our picture taken with Optimus Prime (yes, that happened!).

Next weekend will also be good; M and I hope to take the boys to a pumpkin patch before going to my Granny’s on Saturday for a birthday party for my dad, and Saturday night is S’s Halloween party. I think I have a sitter…hopefully haha. Sunday we will probably have a lazy day.

I’m still going to my doctors appointment this afternoon to discuss those feelings of anxiety and depression. I hope to get some answers, or at least a plan in action. I don’t want to feel that way for another moment.

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