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I haven’t gotten around to blogging in the past few days because I’ve been busy being super lazy, apparently. Last week, we were super busy doing stuff outside the house – play dates, running errands, so on and so forth – and this week, we haven’t done much of anything.

But when I say I’m not doing much of anything, I don’t mean I’m not doing anything at all. I mean I’m at home, chilling with my boys. Entertaining them, teaching them and catching up on cleaning my house.

When a stay-at-home mom stays home, they aren’t sitting around watching Channing Tatum movies and eating chocolate covered peanuts in their bathrobe [I wish]. Nah, we’re a billion things inside. But, the general public seems to think that SAHM’s do the above, and can do whatever they want…according to a lot of people I’ve encountered recently, I do “nothing” because I don’t work a 9-5 paid job.

This week, I’ve been doing a lot of “nothing”. I’ve almost got our basement cleaned and set up for daily use, and I’m nowhere near caught up in laundry but I did organize all that so that I can be caught up sometime in the near future. Maybe. If nobody dirties anything else. We’ve also done a bunch of crafts that didn’t turn out because I suck at crafting but at least I tried.

I’ve also been busy with doctors appointments. Yesterday, I went and got bloodwork for the MRI that’s coming up in December. Wasn’t that a treat. I waited for about 30 minutes to be seen, then I sat down in the chair and yawned because I’m always tired, and the nurse said “Yawning already? Did you just get off work?”

“No,” I replied. “I’m a stay-at-home mom, the only breaks I get seem to be doctor appointments/bloodwork.” That’s my usual joke – because it’s true. Usually, when I don’t have the kids it’s because I’m at the doctors or getting bloodwork, or dental work. Not exactly a “break” if you ask me. But for some reason, she thought I said that I was a single mom.

“So, where’s your husband?” she asked. I thought it was weird, because, like, what prompted that question? So I told her he took the day off to watch the kids for me. “But I thought you said you were a single mom?” 

I looked at her blankly because a) if she actually thought I said single mom, why the hell was she asking me where my “husband” was? Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of being single? and b) she was being bitchy and talking down to me.

“No, I’m a stay at home mom,” I repeated, really slow. Pronouncing all my words super carefully and shit.

“Oh, well then you shouldn’t be tired! Lucky girl, you don’t have to work, you can do whatever you want!” she said, again with the talking down to me bitchiness. She was staring right at me like she knew she was hitting a sore spot too.

“Um, no actually. I don’t,” I replied, pissed off and wanting to set her straight but she had a needle sticking in my arm and one does not mess with nurses sticking needles in their arms, am I right? I was kind of hoping my reply would tip her off that she was being a total asshole but apparently it didn’t.

“Yeah but you don’t have to work hard,” she said, still staring at me. I just kind of grinded my teeth and ignored her. She told me to apply pressure to the needle site and when I continued to bleed she gave me shit for “not pressing hard enough”. I was like, actually I have a bleeding disorder, asshole. I’m pushing hard enough.

So, ya, that was fun. Not. I can’t believe that I still get all frozen and bewildered when someone’s an asshole to me. You’d think with all my recent encounters that I’d be used to it and just start punching people in the speak hole. Maybe next time.

Seriously though, am I the only one who gets to have encounters with asshole medical personal? Seems to be happening a lot to me lately.

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  1. tierney

    I don’t understand why you keep running into people in the 21st century that believe being a stay-at-home mom is a walk in the park. Teachers, day care workers, nannies & babysitters get tons of credit for working with kids all day, meanwhile, we get to come home at the end of it! Nobody makes a single negative comment when a nanny says “oh it’s been a long day, kids were crazy, so and so didn’t nap”, instead, a nanny receives sympathy for a “long day at work”. If I were you, the next time I encountered someone like that I would say, “yah, being a stay-at-home-mom really is a walk in the park, you know.. all that cooking, cleaning, potty training teaching and raising children on the daily deserves no credit. Why do you even bother paying your daycare provider for it? It’s so simple!” I’d love to see their reaction!


    1. I don’t understand why I keep running into these ‘pleasant’ people either…

      And I am SO stealing that line! I’ll practice it so I own it next time I run into one of these douches haha.


  2. I’m kind of appalled that she thinks it’s okay to behave this way. As a nurse, aren’t you supposed to be non-judgmental, considering you’re taking care of people from all walks of life?

    Her behavior aside, I guess I could see where the stigma that stay-at-home moms have it easy comes from… if I’d never taken care of a child before. I give stay-at-home moms a lot of credit (and soak up the lessons, because when I have mine I’ll be writing from home as well, and have no idea how I’ll balance all of that).

    Speaking of writing, I wonder if it would pay to write a sort of “day in the life” post and set up a linky so all stay-at-home mom bloggers can write similar posts and paint a picture for those judgy asses out there who think you do whatever you want all day.


    1. You’d think they’d have to be non-judgemental etc, but hey. Maybe not.

      And I think we do that day in the life quite often 😉 haha

  3. minniemittymickey

    Just in case there is any doubt whatsoever, she is wrong about you. She thinks her job is harder. That isn’t based in reality.

    And, I adore WordPress, but I can’t make it stop thinking I’m my cats. This is Poppy.


    1. Haha! It shows up as Poppy commenting but has a cat icon, you can change it by clicking settings and general but I don’t mind 😉 you’ve got cute cats!

      Thanks Poppy <3

  4. Shannon

    Dude, you really need to turn the tables around on these people. Super fun actually. When she asks Where is your husband? Be like….he’s gay. Where is your husband? How much do you make working in a place like this? How old are you? When are you due? Do you like meat? Ha ha Have fun with these people… makes life way more interesting!


    1. Haha I did that actually, as I told you 😉 I’m gonna start messing with people for sure. I’m tired of not coming up with witty retorts until AFTER the fact.


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