I’m experiencing a tad bit of writers’ block again. Every time I log in to fire out a post, I end up staring at the screen after typing a sentence or two. The last several times I attempted to blog, the words weren’t flowing the way they usually do. I felt choked on thoughts and was unable to focus on anything.

The words are flowing a little easier today, but I’m still having difficulty focusing.

It’s Monday, and I was trying to find something fun to do with the kids outside the house because I have access to a vehicle for a change, but I’m just not feeling leaving the house today. I’m feeling sweat pants and crafts. I’m feeling productivity. 

I spent this weekend catching up on laundry and doing some serious cleaning, and I’m nearly caught up. I’m hesitant to break my productive streak by leaving the house. That and our second batch of salt dough ornaments is in the oven, baking away until 3pm.

I’m really hoping this batch will be better than our first ones…

So, yeah. That’s what we’re up to today – making salt dough ornaments and cleaning, playing games, going out in the backyard and cuddling.

Happy Monday, friends!

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  1. tierney

    I wish I had your Monday, mine sucked. Teaching grade three stinks sometimes haha. Have a good night!


    1. Aww that’s too bad! But hey, they go home at the end of the day right? That’s a win lol!


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