Puppy Love

On Monday night, I brought home the newest member of our family. Everyone (who hasn’t yet via FB/Twitter/IG), meet Bane:

He is supposed to be a rotti-lab mix, but he looks more lab to me. He is 9 weeks old and he’s wonderful. He’s the biggest suck ever. I held him the entire way home and he relaxed right into me after giving me a thousand kisses.

I don’t want to jinx anything but…he hasn’t had any accidents at all. Ever. Didn’t pee on me in the car, hasn’t had any accidents at night even though he goes about 7 hours without going out for a pee. He’s pretty much wonderful.

thought crate training would be as easy because on his first night he slept a full 7 hours in his crate without whining once. However on the second night we realized that maybe Bane had gravol or something in his system for the car ride, because he was totally different. He freaked out like we were abandoning him at the side of the road, even though the crate was right beside my bed.

So…um, crate training hasn’t really started yet. Bane spent his second and third night sleeping in my bed, at my feet. Matt and I don’t really mind if the dog sleeps in our bed or goes on the couch but I know that’s not for everyone. I’m still crate training, just during the day/when we go out and using treats etc to make him comfortable in it. And during the night, I leave the crate opened for him to go in as he pleases.

The kids have been pretty good with him, and he’s been amazing with them. N sort of freaks out when Bane wants to cuddle or kiss him (we’re working on it) and Aj gives Bane actual kisses, it’s sweet.

So far, Bane’s fit into our family like a puzzle piece that was missing and we didn’t know it. We’re ridiculously attached to this pup and it’s only day 4.

YES, it is more work (surprise surprise) and YES I am able to handle it, because even though Bane is a puppy that sometimes chews on things he shouldn’t, he still behaves better than my toddler haha.

And for your viewing pleasure, a video of Bane playing fetch with the kids.

P.S. If you’re that anonymous commenter who hated on me when I said we were thinking about getting a dog and told me I had “no business” owning a dog; kindly go fuck yourself. Kthanxbye.

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  1. Kelly

    So stinking cute! I have three furbabies of my own and miss those puppy days. Best of luck. Looks and sounds like its going to be great!


    1. Thanks Liz! Animals are really therapeutic! So I think it’s a must have when you’re suffering from chronic illness or pain!


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