Instagrams New Terms of Service

It’s no secret that I love instagram and am highly addicted to it. But recently, they’ve changed their terms of service…

If you haven’t read them, I suggest doing so now. It didn’t really make a whole lot of sense to me until I read this article about it summing it up.

Many people are deleting instagram due to these ridiculous new terms and conditions. I want to too. I’ve downloaded two different photo apps, one is called Starmatic and the other is Streamzoo. They’re both ok but they’re not instagram. They lack the same ease of use, and while each have a few really awesome filters, I’m not in love with the majority of them. I’d really miss the Willow filter from instagram that they just came out with if I were to delete it. Starmatic and streamzoo both don’t have one that compares to that filter. I know, I’m being dramatic. It’s just a photo sharing app, after all.

I finally got M using instagram too, and when I asked his opinion about the new terms of service, he was indifferent. Facebook pretty much already does that, and you still have and use Facebook, was what he said. And it’s true.

I’m not 100% sure I’ll delete my IG account. After all, how much control do we really have over the photos and things we post to the Internet? How private is privacy when you’re sharing anything online? This is why I tend to think twice before posting anything, and most times I am comfortable before clicking send. I never post bath pics of my kids, for example.

You can find me on Starmatic and Streamzoo using the same username as my twitter handle and instagram. I’m going to keep playing around with them and see if I like one or both any better in a few days…but for now I’m also sticking around instagram.

If you’re already sure about deleting your instagram account, but don’t know how…click this link. That’ll take care of it.

And I’m curious…What are your thoughts on Instagrams new terms of service?

P.S totally not related to Instagrams new terms of service but, on Friday I stretched my nose ring gauge and got a new one after I busted up my old ring trying to get it out before my MRI. I love it. I also have been thinking about getting my lip repierced.


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  1. The new TOS are not in effect til mid-Jan, so I’m guessing Instagram will change these before then so they don’t lose a bunch of people. At least I’m hoping that – so I’ll wait.


    1. I hope so too!! I’ll wait til January then. No sense in deleting everything if it could change.


  2. Hahaha go figure, I just cracked and got IG. I’ll probably use it; like M said, Facebook “owns” and sells our pictures, so IG isn’t much different.

    As for the nose ring, it looks awesome! And I don’t think I’ve seen pictures of you with a lip ring, but you’d look good with it! 🙂


    1. Why can’t I find you on IG???? This makes me sad. 🙁


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