Losing Voice

It’s no secret, moms have a lot of fears. For the most part, we are paranoid creatures. Fearful of the unknown, fearful of the beyond our controls. However, there are things that we fear that are really not that bad in comparison to the other things, but are still fear worthy.

Like being sick, because there is no sick leave in motherhood, or losing ones voice, because mothers use their voices so often all the time every minute of the day. Seriously. I don’t think a moment goes by where I don’t talk to the kids, or the dog, or someone knocking on the door to enrich me with God’s word while I stand braless in the doorway begging them to kindly piss off so I can get back to watching cartoons and playing cars with my kids.

I talk a lot.

And now I’m sick, and my throat feels all scratchy and it hurts to talk. I’m slowly beginning to lose my voice. I feel the dread and panic setting in. As much as I hate telling the kids or dog off, I do it so often
and what will I do with no voice?! My sanity will surely disappear and I’ll be left crying [silently] as my children and dog run amuck, unable to stop them because I can’t raise my voice and silently shaking my head and removing them from the situation will do nothing but cause laughter and repeated actions.

Or at least, that’s what I fear. I’m probably overreacting. But seriously? Illness while parenting sucks. Unless your the husband…then it doesn’t really matter because you’re almost basically like another kid, only one that sleeps without complaint and finishes their dinner with minimum pouting.

So, moral of the story is I’m sick and I’m slowly but surely losing my voice and I’m not looking forward to being sick. I’m whining and grumping and I have my grr face on so watch out.

Someone pass the honeyed tea and let me have a nap? Mmmkay?

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