Table Forts

This morning, I decided to build N a really awesome blanket fort using my kitchen table. I usually don’t allow toys in the kitchen because I hate tripping over them when I’m cooking, but the kitchen table is the best place for a blanket fort, after all.

Yesterday’s tragedy is still weighing heavily on my mind, and every time I tell my kids no to something fun like building a fort in the kitchen because its messy, I think of those kids. I’m not saying I’m going to let my kids get away with bad behavior, but if they want to bring a few toys into the kitchen and make a fort, who am I to stop them just because its messy? They are kids, after all.

That being said, I kind of have extreme OCD when it comes to cleaning and where things should go etc. I’ve NEVER allowed toys in the kitchen, and I have to tidy up several times a day because too much mess and clutter makes me anxious.

So while I had hoped to be the cool mom who lets her kids do super fun things and make messes without telling them not to make a mess, I kinda am not that mom. I’m kinda the mom that would rather her kids play with a few toys at a time, and clean up before they move on to another activity. Trust me when I say that never happens and I usually end up picking up the entire contents of the toy bins myself while grumping at the kids to stop being so messy.

This is a daily battle I have with myself and trust me when I say I’m working on it, and hard. Even activities like crafts give me such anxiety because obviously 3 year olds and crafts = super messy messes.

I’m even super OCD when it comes to the backyard! I do not like clutter and junk laying around. I’m not saying my house is always spotless but when it’s not, you can bet I’m sitting there biting my nails and trying not to go all Martha Stewart/50s housewife on my kids/house.

My house is never clean enough to my own standards, because I just don’t have the time or energy to keep up with the kids and clean to my standards. I think, in part, it has a lot to do with my chronic pain disorder. When I let the house go, it’s even harder for me to catch up in cleaning that I already have trouble doing.

I had to start writing a blog post to keep from going all nutso-crazy-mom and tearing down the fort and cleaning up the toys.

My goal this weekend is to try, even more so, to curb my OCD clean it personality and just let my kids (and myself) have fun, make messes and be kids.

So, expect more blog posts with me trying desperately to distract myself from the mess?

P.S to my credit the fort is still up and I will try my hardest to leave it up at least until lunchtime.


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