Dog Gone Days

Yesterday, Bane and I went for a longer than usual walk. The weathers been nice during the day, not warm but not freezing, and we haven’t had a big snow storm in a while so the sidewalks are pretty clear. I can’t wear my boots because they bite holes into the back of my heels, but when the weather is like this I can just wear my regular, comfortable shoes and our walks get a little bit longer.

I’m enjoying walks with Bane. Stolen moments away from the chaos of the house where I can exercise a little and spend some time thinking without interruption. Just my thoughts, the walk and the dog beside me. It’s nice. It’s peaceful.

I’m not saying I don’t enjoy parenting, I do…110%, but those “me moments” I can get are cherished too. Time to recharge and just breathe, just to be…you know what I’m saying? Being a mom and not losing yourself is hard. I’m trying not to lose myself, because I’ve seen what happens when you do, and I don’t ever want that.

I didn’t have the courage to take walks by myself before we got Bane. I wasn’t motivated, wasn’t brave enough and didn’t really have a purpose for walking. Now I do. Dogs are great motivators that way, and Bane is a quiet companion for these walks. I like to think he’s helping me get stronger and heal. I like to think the exercise I’m getting is helping me have an easier time keeping up with the boys. I’m better than I was before, I have more energy and that’s good…right?

After our walk and after dinner (and a tedious food battle with N – a post for another time), my BIL, his fiancé and their dog came over for a doggy play date. It’s always good seeing them, and Bane adores his ‘cousin’. They play so well together, and always tucker each other out. It’s fun watching Aj with the dogs too. N loves them as well but Aj longs to be part of their crew, he crawls around and tries to lick their faces. It’s too cute.

I took a crap ton of photos of the two of them, and of the kids with the dogs (but those won’t be posted, y’all should know the reasons.

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  1. Dogs are amazing for helping people! My mom has battled depression for a long time but having her two dogs has done wonders for her, she’s a much happier person since having them, their her babies now that we’re all grown up lol

    Having some alone time to collect your thoughts is never a bad thing!


    1. They don’t use dogs in hospitals to cheer up terminally ill patients for no reason, that’s for sure! I’m definitely feeling less depressed and anxious. M too, he suffers from depression so he’s noticed a change as well.


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