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I entered parenthood naively, I’ll confess. I wasn’t exactly aware of what “being a mom” meant until I actually became one. Sure, I had expectations but those expectations were pretty much dead wrong, if ya know what I mean.

Example, I expected that I would instinctively know what to do. I expected to have sleepless nights, of course. I expected crying but I thought that I would instinctively be able to make it stop by simple soothing, diaper change or feedings. I didn’t know about or comprehend “purple crying” (the inconsolable hours in which a newborn baby cries).

As my kids grow I’m facing different challenges that can some times feel more difficult. They aren’t per say, but because they are the challenges we’re facing now, they feel that way…if that makes sense.

Two kids is definitely harder than one. I remember having the occasional bad day with N, but I seem to have more with two kids teaming up on me. Two kids getting into trouble, not listening, fighting etc. some days I feel beaten down by the challenges I face with the boys. They are both at different stages.

N is still “potty training”. Something I thought we’d be long done with. For almost a year now we’ve been at it, and we’ve come a long way it’s true. N doesn’t wear diapers anymore and usually only wears pull-ups at night. He can hold his pee during outings. He pees in the toilet almost all the time. Sure, we’ve had a few accidents because we didn’t make it in time, but he’s pretty good at peeing in the toilet, for the most part.

But pooping? Pooping is a different story. Pooping is a nightmare. If he’s not hiding under the table doing it in his pants, he’s screaming and crying because I’ve caught him in time and placed him on the toilet. N is notorious for holding it as long as he possible can, sharting here and there and constantly having a tummy ache and rash from doing so. No amount of pep talks seem to get it through to him that if he just popped when he had to, his tummy and bum wouldn’t be sore.

Aj is a different kettle of fish. His challenges are listening and being nice. He’s constantly doing things he knows he shouldn’t be doing, and he pinches and pulls hair every chance he gets.

This morning, N has been crying and whining nonstop about how his bum hurts and keeps sharting (for lack of a better word). When he’s placed on the toilet, he screams and cries and carries on and continues to hold it. All the while, Aj’s been testing my patience by doing a bunch of naughty things that drive me crazy and not listening.

Needless to say, I’ve failed the testing countless times already and it’s not even noon yet. Those are the worst days, for me anyway…when I feel like I can’t do anything right and I’m not reacting how I’d like to react.

So, I’m taking a deep breathe and taking a few minutes to regain my composure. N won’t always poop in his pants and cry when he sits on the toilet, and Aj won’t always do everything he can to drive me nuts, right???

This is probably why they invented wine. And boarding school. Just kidding!

What parenting challenges are you facing right now?? Please share!


  1. Maria Morgan

    I’m a mom to a 3 1/2 yr old boy and feel ya mama. You are not alone and by reading your tweets, doing a damn good job. i only have one kid and struggled BIG time in the early months. This sealed the deal for me – no more babies.
    I had PPD too boot. I know for a fact, I couldn’t do it again. So needless to say, I am giving my son Gavin my ALL.

    To get my son to shit on toilet, It helped to bribe with his favorite treat. It worked and saved us the agony of rashes and fights. Maybe others disagree on the “bribing” tact, but it worked when he refused to go #2 on toilet. Stay stronge and positive and keep that good head on your shoulders!


    1. Thanks hun! I’ve tried the treat thing, only worked for pee lol. He’s too busy screaming about how he doesn’t wanna sit on the toilet to listen to my bribes!

      How do you handle the separation anxiety?

  2. Maria Morgan

    Oh and my big challenge is separation anxiety at preschool. I recently went back to work and put my son in full time.


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