Snow Fun

Yesterday we woke up to a minor dumping of snow. I say minor because its literally nothing compared to the snow we got up north, and our northern friends would likely laugh at it. But I was actually excited. As much as I hate snow, I do have fun taking the kids out to play in it and its nearly February; we hadn’t gone sledding at all.

Until yesterday. I got the crazy idea to take the kids sledding at the park yesterday morning before the freezing rain came. So I texted my friend A and told her we should go to the park for a bit. She was in agreement and we quickly rallied the troops.

M warned me it was a terrible idea. He warned me that pushing the stroller through the wet snow and bundling up the kids was not a wise idea. I scoffed at him and may have said “you know nothing Jon Snow” (points if you get the reference) and continued to ready the kids and myself. M rolled his eyes, helped me dig out the stroller and I set on my way to meet up with A.

I hadn’t even made it to our usual meet up spot when I realized M may have been right about the whole snow and double stroller thing. I was sweating up a storm and my muscles were burning by the time we got halfway to the park, but I pushed on nevertheless because I was already nearly there.

Did I mention that I outgrew last years snow pants and therefore don’t have any? I was wearing sweat pants and jeans. While I was “warmish” it did nothing to stop the wet snow from soaking me.

Despite that, N and his friend H (A’s eldest boy) had a blast on the hill with the sleds and Aj even went down once. Aj hates getting bundled up and being in the cold, so he was miserable and crying the whole time. Especially when I made him go sledding haha.

We weren’t even there for 20 minutes when I called M and asked him to drive down with the van. Aj wasn’t pleased about our adventure and I knew I’d never made it back with them. Up hill with a double stroller in heavy snow? Oh hell no!

So, M rescued us. We dropped A and her kids off because I couldn’t in good conscious let her walk back knowing I got a ride (so unfair haha). I curled up on the couch in my fuzzy pjs for the rest of the day with Bane keeping me as warm as he could but I still couldn’t get the chill out of my bones.


And I’m definitely still feeling the effects of our adventure today. I’m still freezing, my hips are sore as all hell and I can’t lift my right arm up. The chores I was planning on doing today will likely not get done but at least N and H had fun. The two younger boys and A and I definitely weren’t having as much fun but still. I chalk it up as a success.

Even if I lost pretty much all my spoons for the next week.

Guess what else we haven’t done this winter? We haven’t made a snow man! Yesterday morning was perfect for that but I chose the park instead and obviously had nothing left over when we got home. Plus the freezing rain came and pretty much destroyed what was left of the snowfall. I hate winter but I hope we’ll get one more snowfall wherein N and I can make a snowman together. (I say N and I because I know Aj will just cry the entire time and won’t help. He hates snow haha).


  1. I’m with you on the wishing for just one more good snow… My son is way past the snowman making, so I have no need (or desire) to go out in the stuff. I’ll leave that up to N and look at the wonderful pictures you post for him :).


      1. Ahh… completely understood, hon – it’s a very personal decision for each blogger family to make. BUT – lol I was talking about a pic of N’s snowman creation!!! I miss snowmen, just not building them ;-). They sell kits here – the hat, scarf, eyes, nose, pipe, etc. all you need to do is add the snow!!!
        I’m about to head out for my daily(ish) walk in the rain *ugh* but at least it’s like 50+ degrees (F) here…


        1. We haven’t had packing snow yet 🙁 still haven’t been able to make a snow man. So terrible lol!


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