Made Up

This weekend I finally got some new liquid eyeliner (which I’ve been without for MONTHS, literal MONTHS…it’s actually felt like an eternity). And I’ve been having fun with it!

Yesterday, the kids went over to nana’s for the second half of the day so of course I broke out my new makeup and got all dolled up for a date in with M.



It was so strange putting on makeup without kids distracting me!

Aside from that, our kidless day was just spent cuddling and talking and hanging out. M made a delicious breakfast for dinner meal and I died because it was so good.


The kids had tons of fun baking with nana, and even brought him some cupcakes for us. N was excited to hear that he was now Cake Boss of the family haha.


So, that was good.

Also good, I carved out a little time for myself this morning to do my makeup. I don’t know what it is about it, but putting it on makes me feel better. Like I’m making an effort again haha. It reminds me of the days before I was covered in kid goo and always took time to get dolled up every time I left the house.



So, ya. Excuse the selfie spam but; I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

Speaking of…this post and talking about making/feeling pretty reminded me of a memory. When I first started doing the liquid eyeliner cat eye look, one of the guys in my Social Service Worker course (way back in 2007) randomly told me “you look gorgeous! Like Cleopatra,” and it was the oddest yet also sweetest compliment a semi-stranger has made to date.

That one and the random French trucker that told me I had the most beautiful eyes he’d ever seen, and then literally asked the guy I worked with that I had a crush on if he agreed (and he did). It was awesome/awkward. French truckers are the bomb!

I hope this post doesn’t come across as me being conceded (because I’m not), I’m usually quite down on myself but I’ve been feeling pretty the last few days haha.

What’s the sweetest thing a stranger has ever said to you?


  1. You ARE gorgeous. Seriously. Don’t know how you don’t already know that. Your wedding pics were the prettiest ones I’ve ever ever seen.


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