Oh buddy. Both N and Aj are in difficult stages and I’m pretty sure I won’t survive this, at least without turn grey, if not bald from ripping my hair out. Figuratively people, not literally.

N is in the “I’m going to do something really naughty, which you’re going to see, then I’m going to deny doing it” stage. He full out lies now, about doing naughty things and about the whole shituation. I’ll ask if he needs to go, he will say no, then he’ll go in his pants. It’s so irritating because I know he knows the sensations and when he has to go, he’s nearly four, but he’s stubborn and doesn’t want to poop in the toilet because ‘he doesn’t like the toilet’. Or the bathroom. Or anything. I feel like I’ve been potty training for 2 years nonstop. The only thing we’ve mastered is peeing in the toilet, and that’s because he doesn’t have to sit. He can stand and take aim.

N also ignores me when I tell him off [for being bad/not listening etc]. It’s a nightmare and testing my patience more than anything because he used to be such a good listener. I think, anyway. M keeps telling me N was just as difficult as Aj but I must have blacked that out because I just remember the good and easy, haha.

As for Aj, well, he can’t talk yet, and he communicates frustration, exhaustion, irritation, etc etc by head-butting. Hard enough to draw blood and leave bruises. He head-butts M & I, and N, and any surface within reach including floors and tables and just everything. I’m so tired of the head-butting. I keep telling him not to, to try and use words (even just ‘mad’, which I know he can say because he has before) but his perfected method of communication is head-butting. It’s like he’s part goat.

So, ya. Those are some parenting struggles I’m facing on the daily and they suck. Tips and suggestions are welcome. N could care less about charts and what not, he bores of them on the first day. I suppose it’s much more fun to be naughty than nice.


  1. Shannon

    My vote. Ignore him when he head butts things. If he gets a reaction out of you (good or bad) he will continue. If he head butts you put him down and walk away. I think eventually after doing this he will stop 🙂 Works for mine when they have tantrums.


    1. HEY LOOK IT’S MY SISTER THAT I HAVEN’T SEEN IN FOREVER! HI SISTER! Lol ya I’m doing that but I worry he’s gonna knock basic math skills outta his skull.


  2. Cole is a head-butter too. He seriously just head butted my nose about 10 min ago, I thought it was bleeding. He’s just overall violent. We for the most part ignore it unless its aimed at a person then he goes in “baby jail” aka the playpen while we recover our patience. We need to get the rascals together & they can headbutt together? :p

    As for the potty training, what has the doctor said about it? I’m wondering how this might affect his schooling next year? Hard situation & unfortunately I don’t think I have any ideas that you probably haven’t already tried.


    1. Good idea on the playpen suggestion! I definitely should try it. Only I’m limited on space/where to put it at the moment…damn renos.

      I am worried N’s potty training difficulties will effect his schooling 🙁 I’ve been told that seeing all the other kids potty trained will help me but I really don’t know. I’m at a loss for what to do with him.


  3. Wish I had some tips for you but I’m at the same place right now. My just-turned-4 year old is at a stage that I can’t even describe. I find myself sitting in a puddle of anger, failure, and guilt at the end of the day…


    1. I SIT IN THAT SAME PUDDLE. Holy hell why isn’t there a bloody section on this puddle in any parenting books? Lol

  4. alissawins

    I have no idea if you’ve done this or if he’d care, but maybe emphasize the grossness of poop to n. like ‘eww you pooped on yourself!’ Not super meanly or anything but really make it gross kinda. And tell him about the germs and smell and all the other parts of the germs like he could get sick then he’d need medicine (kids hate medicine, right?)


    1. I’ve tried that, unfortunately it has no affect on him at all! Sigh. No clue what to do with that. I’m sure after a few suppositories he will change his mind. He needs another one tomorrow since its been days.


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