The Urge

Right now I have a wee bit of the urge to redecorate and, I’ve also been debating on whether or not to put Aj in a big boy bed. He’s “around” that age, that age that people start to move them into a big boy bed, and honestly? I’m willing to try anything to get this kid to sleep through the night. Maybe sleeping in a big boy bed will make him sleep better at night. As it is, this child wakes up on average 3 times a night…sometimes more.

I’ve already decided on the bed I want to get him, but won’t be buying it for quite some time, because he’ll be sleeping on a mattress on the floor. So first step is to get a mattress.


It’s the same bed that N has and I love it!

I also need to get both the boys bigger dressers. I love the look of this dresser (also from ikea, because I’m obsessed):


And I’ve picked them both out some bedding too. Because, bedding is awesome. Jysk has twin sized duvets for 8 bucks a piece and they come with pillows. If I go the duvet route, I may just hit up ikea for duvet covers. I love this one for N:


I think he’ll like it too, since it has all his favourite colours in it.

And this one for Aj, my little night owl:


But if I can find bed in the bags in styles I like…I might go that route, because they also need bed sheets.

I also want to get them little area rugs for their rooms…these are cute:


(N’s in red, Aj’s in blue).

N already has a multi-bin organizer that we keep his blocks in, and I wanted to get an identical one for Aj’s room to keep some toys in there for him. But they don’t appear to make them anymore, I got it at Toys R Us years ago and while they do have multi-bin organizers, they are in Disney themes (Cars, Princesses etc) and as much as I love Disney I can’t buy furniture with Disney designs. I like something we can use for a while…something that grows with them.

This bin from (surprise surprise!) ikea would do the trick:


I’m so eager to get the above things, but the first step is a mattress for Aj. I’ve picked one out from Sears because I am not an ikea mattress fan. Too skinny for my liking, and I’m gonna be lying down with Aj at night to tuck him in.Christine wrote about her anxious get on it qualities and this is a prime example of me putting pressure on M and being all anxious about getting something I wanna do done. M doesn’t think there’s a rush, and while I agree it still doesn’t help the fact that I really wanna do it now.

Last week it was all about nagging M to put our new to us table together.

(The last chair was downstairs getting fixed when I took this picture, but you get the idea).

I love our new-to-us table and chairs. I know they aren’t new or trendy but frankly, I don’t care. I’m planning on staining or painting it in the summer once the weather is warm, (and once I figure out what I want to do with it). But that project can be put on the back burner until the kids bedrooms are done.


  1. Maybe it’s just a woman thing all-together. I was under the impression spring would be here very soon (before last nights snow storm) & really wanted to get cleaning, organizing, & redecorating done. My hubs also goes back to his full time 6 days a week 13 hr day job soon so…he wont want to get any of that done then. I think if it was something they were “excited” about, things would happen quicker. I don’t think it’s all us being pushy & naggy… All the time lol


    1. Yeah M isn’t excited about home renos/redecorating at all lol. But his truck? Fishing? Camping? HOLY HELL EXCITEMENT. Different strokes for different folks I guess. Lol


  2. Exactly lol
    I know our house has been under constant strains of renos as well but i focused on the important things first, certain things had to be done for safety & comfortable living lol but it’s t like its going to be a yearly thing, i plan on living with it for 10 years. I also totally agree about the non disney deco, i picked things that would grow with our children rather than something they would only be interested in for a coupleof years. I would paint it myself but i get crazy headaches from paint & fumes. I guess i feel that I’m the one who is here all the time, & i have to look at it & clean it so i just want my home to look the way i want it. But it always comes off as nagging, damned if i do, damned if i don’t? Lol


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