Don’t feed the trolls

Today I got a rather rude comment from a stranger on a post I wrote a few days ago.

Lol one wont toilet train and the other is a headbanger. Sounds like your kids are on their way to some legit behavioral problems? I wonder if it has anything to do with listening to their parents bitch and argue all day every day?

When I read it, it stung. Not because it’s true — it’s not, the untruths to it made me laugh actually. All kids are different when it comes to potty training and the head banging is a stage of development and M and I certainly don’t spend all day bitching and arguing but alrighty then.

No, it stung because a stranger went out of their way to fire hurtful things at me, for no reason other than they could. I consider trolling to be bullying, and I know they say “don’t feed the trolls! Ignore them!” But bullying is such a major problem in today’s society that I can’t ignore it. So I responded, of course. And I called this person some names, which I kind of feel bad for. Name calling is never mature, but bullying makes me so damn angry. Plus, I would throw someone out of my house if they spoke to me that way in real life, this blog is my “Internet house” and I don’t stand for people walking in dissing me when they know nothing about me.

My impression from this person is that they are really unhappy with their lives, so much so that they feel the need to send out random hateful and hurtful comments to people they’ve never met on the Internet.

I wonder…does it help them? I bet they don’t feel any better about their own lives. I bet they still hate themselves, and that’s sad.

I have some words of advice for random bullies on the Internet; try kindness instead. Try being uplifting and warm. I bet you’ll feel better about yourself at the end of the day, knowing you’ve made someone else feel good, than how you feel right now. Lonely, isolated, unhappy.

Also: stop pretending you know random strangers on the net from a few blog posts. You don’t. You just look like a jerk-off when you act like that. You don’t know me and you never will. You know bits and pieces, but that’s it.

I’d always cringe when I’d see other bloggers getting hateful comments because its sad. It’s sad that there are people out there who feel that terrible about themselves that they need to hide behind anonymous screen names and say rude stuff.

If you came into someone’s house and did it, they’d punch you in the speak hole. Don’t do it online either. Try being nice and uplifting, you might find it will help you feel better about yourself.


  1. Megan

    That is so stupid. You are right! They are unhappy… I would categorize a person with behavioral issues as someone who is so hateful to a stranger, not a kid with potty training troubles. Is that just me? :-p


    1. Exactly!!! Bet they’ve never spent more than 5 mins with babies/kids.


  2. This made me so mad. First of all, what is it any of their damn business anyways. Second, headbanging is not a behavioural problem. Its a developmental stage and derives out of a child not being able to effectively communicate their emotions (noah still hits himself at 5 due to his inability to articulate emotions with autism). Third, i doubt this person is a doctor or psychologist and who are they to diagnosis your childrens supposed “problems” as being a result of your supposed family dysfunctionality. People need to shut up. Just because said person thinks they are perfect doesnt give them the right to psycho analyze your family and come to absurd untrue conclusions. People suck. End rant. Carry on with your awesomeness jess.


  3. Some people are just rude idiots, ride above it and take some comfort from the fact that I have one who climbs like a monkey (Leia 18 months old next week), one who decided that 3.5 was the perfect age to turn into a super whiny brat and meltdown all the time, you would be amazed how many times a day I say “use your words” lol (Logan) and then there’s 10.5 year old my drama queen who acts like the sky is falling if he is asked to tidy up or eat his vegetables or anything else that takes his fancy on a given day. On the plus side everyone else says they are super polite and well behaved, guess they just save all the brattiness for mummy lol. All kids come with their own unique challenges, life would be very boring (and we would have nothing to blog about lol, not that I have actually wrote on my blog in a long time but you know what I mean) if they weren’t. Hugs Crystal xx


    1. Thanks crystal! You’re absolutely right! Glad to hear from you 🙂


  4. Obviously they’re not a parent, and THANK GOD for that. I hope they never become one!


  5. Obviously that person is an idiot. You are an amazing mother! What a jerk face!

  6. Tina

    What a jerk. Hiding behind a letter instead of a name too. Cowardly and so rude to presume they know anything about your family!


    1. I think it’s the same person…they always pop out to say hello when I write about Matt. Usually on the tumblr I have that I never use. They’ll read this blog then go there to comment about how horrible I am lol


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