Fresh Air

Yesterday was beautiful and sunny, so we spent a lot of time outside. We went for two walks and the kids played with the neighbors kids.






My sister came over for dinner and joined us on our second walk, and I got to snuggle a lot with my tiny niece. She’s getting so big!

It’s a pity that today is another rain day. For once I’d like an entire week of gorgeous warm weather but it can rain the rest of this week if its sunny and warm on Saturday for N’s birthday party! As it stands right now, it’s supposed to be foggy which would kind of make for a fun pirate treasure hunt.

T-minus 4 days until his party and 7 days until N turns four!!! Hopefully by then he will be pooping in the potty. We had great success yesterday, he pooped in the potty! Knock on wood it will continue and be a permanent thing!

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