If wearing sweat pants is wrong, I don’t wanna be right…


Confession time: I hate jeans. I’d rather wear sweat pants or leggings. Jeans are just so tight and uncomfortable, even my most comfortable pair.

For those people who say “leggings aren’t pants!”, well…I can’t help but giggle. Sure, leggings aren’t meant to be paired with tube tops, but I think leggings look great with longer tops. And they make bending so easy. Most of my readers have or work with children, so they know that bending in jeans sucks. Especially if you’ve got booty. Which I have, I have a fantastic booty but most jeans can’t “house” it, at least not when I’m trying to bend.


Seriously, big booty girls trying to wear jeans are pretty much the make up of that statistic. See: me.

Anyways, so jeans are all great and they make my butt and legs look fab but bending in them sucks and since I have to do a lot of bending and picking kids/toys/stuff up, jeans are not my go to outfit anymore. Now it’s comfortable sweat pants or leggings if I’m at home, because I’d rather not be uncomfortable in my own home.

I love dresses, but only in the summer time and its clearly not summer yet. But once that sticky heat hits us, you can bet I bring out the dresses. For now though: it’s leggings and sweat pants, if I’m home. When I go out I do squish myself into jeans and try the awkward non-bend to pick up kids and what not. It’s awkward.

Yesterday was a sweat pants kind of day. I’m still sore and exhausted from the party on Saturday, and Aj has come down with a cold so I knew I wasn’t gonna take his miserable man cold toddler self out. Instead we stayed inside and played with the hot wheels N got for his birthday and had a nice, long visit with Nana.

Today’s totally gonna be a leggings day, because I’m just not digging the idea of jeans.

I love that I’m “sinning” so much in this fashion business, but most some days I just can’t be bothered. You need to spend lots of money on the cute fashionable clothes and I can never justify that. At least not when the majority of our activities are trips to the park, EYC, other friends houses (who hate jeans just as much as I do).

Plus even when I do get all “dressed up”, Aj spits half chewed up food all over me. So…what’s the point?

I [semi] promise to get my fashion shit together before N starts school. I won’t be that frumpy mom. I’m cool with being frumpy mom when at home or making trips to the park with my non-school aged children because who wants to wipe snotty noses in a really adorable fancy outfit that could become the next snot rag?

What’s your favourite fallback choice of clothes when you’re home (or even out and about)?


  1. Jessica

    I literally like never leave my house, so I am always wearing comfy pants. Although I don’t have a “BIG booty” like you (haha) my pants don’t fit me. They always show my butt crack or every time I walk or do anything I am constantly pulling my pants back up because otherwise they fall down A LOT. Guess I have lost weight? Doesn’t make sense to me. haha.


    1. Jeans are just not made to be comfortable, I’m convinced! Mans invention to make it easier for you to get outta them.


    1. I wish to set fire to my jeans and own 16 pairs of jeggings. I would wear jeggings, even though they lie about being jeans, because they’re surely comfortable.


  2. I don’t step into anything other than yoga pants. For a person who lacks any sort of waist, hips or butt, no matter how small i buy jeans they slip off which is annoying. Yoga pants give the illusion of me actually having an ass, which I like 😉


    1. And your yoga pants are hot! Tell me, where do you buy them?


      1. walmart lol. 10 bucks. I have about 7 pairs now. You can get the band that rolls over in a whole bunch of cool colours

  3. tierney

    I never wear jeans. Ever. It’s been a solid 9 months since I have. I wear leggings, dresses, or black or coloured pants that have stretch. That’s my closet. I won’t wear leggings with a regular t-shirt but I have lots of over-sized shirts that cover my bum. Leggings, over-sized shirts & knee high boots is my fave outfit, I wear something like that at least 3 times a week. If I’m home, I’m almost always in pjs which consist of shorts & a t or a sleep shirt. Who needs jeans?

    Ps. It baffles me when I see people wearing jeans at the AIRPORT! Who wants to fly all stiff like that?!


    1. DOWN WITH JEANS! Lol. I couldn’t imagine flying in jeans…I hate grocery shopping in jeans so, ya!


  4. Old Navy Rockstar jeans. They are more like Jeggings then jeans in comfort and being able to bend, but they look like jeans. And they make the big booty look smokin! It’s they only kind of jeans I will wear anymore. And they are cheap too. On sale you can get them for around $20 a pair or less sometimes if you have coupons.


    1. I’ll have to check them out! Thanks for the suggestion. 🙂


  5. I do wear jeans pretty regularly, but as someone with an ass, it’s about finding the right pair, buying 4 pairs, and wearing them to death. I also wash my jeans until they’re beat to shit before wearing them. . . or I go vintage. Vintage jeans seem to be softer, cheaper, and slightly higher rise, which helps me keep my crack private. Plus, vintage jeans tend not to be skinny jeans, which is great for my muscular calves.

    But seriously, If I could wear yoga pants to work, I would. Every day.


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