Lately & An Announcement

I’ve been meaning to blog, but every time I “sit down” to do so, I suddenly become a jungle gym or morph magically into a couch. My phone, where I blog from since I’m usually way too lazy to search out my laptop, gets knocked out of my hand by somebody’s flailing limbs. So, it’s probably a good thing that I don’t search out my laptop. I doubt it would handle flailing limbs very well.

Anyways, quite a few things have happened lately. The most exciting thing: I’m an auntie again! My nephew was born early yesterday morning! He was 8 weeks early so he needs a little help from NICU but aside from that he’s doing great and so is my beautiful sister! I haven’t been able to meet him yet, what with rides not working out, but I will as soon as humanly possible. So, YAY for new family members and sweet, squishy newborns!

So, that wonderful news aside, I’ve been trying to keep busy with the boys. Easter weekend was full of outdoor play, as the weather was so nice. We didn’t get together with our families because nobody was doing anything, but I did make a couple roasts in the crock pot so that counts right? And the Easter bunny came, bringing many chocolate tweets with him for the kids. Monday we had a play date with Amy and Nate, N enjoyed himself so much that he still hasn’t stopped talking about it 😉

So, that’s been happening lately. Stuff and what not. And, of course, my new nephew who I’m super eager to meet!

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