Let’s do the time warp again…


Yesterday was a very nice, relaxing day – we needed it after the weekend we had. The boys spent the morning in the PJs, playing with N’s new hot wheels. Nana Kim stop by for the entire day and brought a birthday lunch for N. We spent the day cuddling, playing with hot wheels, and we watched a couple movies as well.




It was a weird day for me, on account of my first born turning four. It felt…surreal, just thinking about how much time has passed from then to now. From me sitting in the hallway waiting for my ultrasound to determine whether the wee one in my womb was still breech, to me holding that now four year old on my lap, cuddling him and wondering just how quickly the next four years will pass…and the ones after that.

Parenting is such a time warp. On the one hand, time feels like its passing incredibly slowly. All the nightly wake ups, the runny noses, the attempts to potty train and teach right from wrong…the heavy work that feels like a constant, lengthily battle. Then you blink, and one of your children is suddenly four years old. Almost half a decade old. Suddenly, they went from a sweet-smelling (most of the time) bald-headed baby to a hairy, smelly boy-child that will be starting school in the fall.

Where does the time go? It slips away through your fingers, despite your attempts at grasping hold of it forever. So, you make markings. You take pictures, you write about the moments in your day that bring smiles and tears of frustration just so you can remember it all when all is said and done.

Or, I do anyway…because I truly do not want to forget one moment of this sometimes challenging, but always worth it life.

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