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Yesterday started out tough. N was in a lot of pain, in his little knees. He kept whimpering and just wasn’t himself. At least, not until the girl next door knocked on the door and asked if he wanted to go outside and play. Of course, he got über excited and wanted to go.

I let him. I’m worried about him over doing it, yes, but I don’t want to set up limitations for him. I want him to do what he wants to do, within reason.

He had a few moments. The way he was running concerned me, but he was in pain so I didn’t expect anything different. Then he climbed up the porch stairs and asked assistance for getting down. I told him if his knees were bothering him that much, we should go inside. But he’s a stubborn boy, just like his mama, and told me “I’ll make them work! I want to play” and then took my hand and came down the stairs.

It was bittersweet, seeing so much of my stubbornness in dealing with pain in him.

I kept trying to gently tell him to take it easy, without drawing attention to him, but he just doesn’t listen. He wants to go go go.


And of course, he had a blast playing. He pushed his little friend on the swing, they played in the sandbox, and he even attempted to climb the rock wall thing. I couldn’t stop him from climbing it, I couldn’t stand the idea of discouraging him from trying something new. He’s never wanted to try climbing something like that before. So, I encouraged him. And he tried. He didn’t get very far and told me it hurt, but he tried.


Aj had plenty of fun too, watching him interact with other kids his age is priceless. The secret language he and the other little boy had was too endearing to watch. I should have taken a video of them “talking”, but I got sidetracked.

In addition to spending a lot of the afternoon outside, I took Bane for a walk around the block. It was nice…but there’s a little dog on our street that is never leashed. Today it ran across the road at Bane and started barking and growling and snapping at him. The young girl that was [one of] his owners tried to get him away but it took 10 solid minutes, because he kept growling and nipping at her. And when he finally got moved away, they still left him off leash.

I’m a dog person, but it makes me uneasy when dogs are off leash that are not good at being off leash. Like, they don’t like other dogs and they don’t follow commands or listen. That makes me uneasy, and it’s not about breed. That little dog was TINY but it still made me nervous because it was snapping at my dog and its owner. I always make sure that Bane is on a leash, and that he keeps a distance from other dogs unless their owners say it’s ok. Some dogs don’t like a puppy all up in their grill and that’s cool. But it makes me uneasy and pissed off when a dog that hates other dogs and is aggressive isn’t on a leash and starts coming at my dog that’s on leash.

I know, I know. No big deal right? Wrong. I don’t know how to handle myself in that situation. Especially because the girl was trying desperately to get ahold of her dog. I kept Bane’s face up and away (he was much larger) and I kept him still but I don’t know. What’s the protocol here? Anybody know? M said punt it next time but obviously he’s kidding.

Anyways, that’s about all I have time for today. I need to get the house ready for the party tomorrow, there’s so much to do.

Oh AND; M is coming up with 10-20 facts about me so I can join Becky’s linkup “what my loved one thinks about me”, so I’ll be posting that soon! I’m excited to see what he comes up with.

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  1. Oh, no, poor N. I know you never wanted to see him in pain. I still say he’s lucky, in a sense, because he has you to guide him and encourage him to try anyway. I’m glad to see that he doesn’t let his pain stop him. What an inspiration! I need to remember more often that I can still do things. They’ll just hurt.

    I’m not sure what I’d do about aggressive dogs. I’m not really a dog person, and kind of have an irrational fear of them—especially when they’re all snappy and barky—so I just tend to stay away from them. Obviously, that’s not possible for you. Bane needs his walks! If this other dog is always unleashed and nasty, you may need to complain to animal control or the police, as mean as that sounds. I’m not saying to be paranoid, but if it was snapping at its owner, there’s a chance it might bite one of the kids in the neighborhood. Local law enforcement should be able to make them keep it on a leash.

    At least you know Bane is well trained. If he can stay still and calm while some little yapper is in his face, you’ve done your job well! 😀


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