Random Reflections & What Have You’s.

So I stayed up super late last night. We had my sister and my friend come over to watch The Vikings marathon and they ended up staying late so I didn’t get to bed until 1am. Totally not the norm for me! I’m usually in bed no later than 11pm, and now I’m being punished for it.

Aj was up at 5:30am. He’d soaked through his diaper and needed a change, and wanted a bottle. I had hope that he’d fall back asleep once getting it but nope. Instead he became a holy terror, terrorizing the dog and me. Throwing things, slapping, mashing his face against the gate and crying and yelling any time I tried to make myself a MUCH needed coffee. I accidentally nodded off on the couch and woke up to him biting my nose and giggling. Total terror.

It’s now nearly 11am and while although Aj is CLEARLY exhausted, and while he’s still terrorizing us all because of it, he’s still going. Still crying randomly, still beating on everyone. IT’S INSANE. He’s overtired, and needs a nap but Aj refuses to crash until he’s good and ready and he’s not yet.

N is being very cuddly…I like that. Not such a fan of the repeat questions he’s got going on today but he’s being hilarious and super sweet.

He made me put on his pirate eye patch so he could be a pirate, then proceeded to make funny pirate faces.



So, that’s cool. I’m hoping Aj naps soon and returns back to sweet Aj but I honestly am beginning to wonder if he has an ear infection…he was up 4 times last night and he’s so miserable now. I’ve booked him an appointment for later this afternoon to check. I almost hope that’s the case because he responds quickly to antibiotics and goes from being a meanhole to my cuddle bug.

Since it’s raining out, we’re gonna have a laid back day. I hope at some point I could get a nap in but who knows. Mainly today will consist of cuddles, movies, play dough, and playing indoors.

Tomorrow, I have to go to Toronto for a specialist appointment. M and I are going to make a day for it, do lunch and just enjoy each others company. Aside from probably taking pictures of my food if we go out for lunch and corresponding with my MIL about the kids, it will be a phone free, just the “two of us” (well, aside from the whole doctors appointment thing) day. I’m so looking forward to it! We don’t have nearly enough of them.


In the day to day hustle, we often forget to make time for one another throughout the day. Sure, once the kids are in bed we’re all cuddles but during the day we don’t touch as much as we’d both like to. And we’re changing that, breaking that habit of always putting one another on the back burner to deal with other demands. I’m really bad for it, I’ll feel this pressing need to get everything I need to do done IMMEDIATELY and not make time to steal a kiss or a hug from him. Then I wonder how and why I can miss him when he’s here haha.

Last night though, when we had company, we sat side by side on the couch and held hands. It’s sad to say but it’s been so long since we did that. I mean, when no ones here we cuddle and snuggle but when someone else is around we both keep our distance because we don’t wanna overwhelm people with lovey dovey actions. M isn’t a fan of PDA usually. But I am, because the world needs to see more love. I love seeing couples sweet and cuddly with one another in public. Even if its just hand holding or being close to one another, ya know?

P.S. not sure if y’all can tell, but I’m exhausted and I’m rambling.

P.S.S. thank you to those who responded to and shared my “Asking for it” post. You guys are the sweetest. 🙂

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