So, I went to Chuck E Cheese for the first time ever today.


And I had a lot of fun.

Oh ya, the boys had fun too and it was their first time as well. 🙂





N jacked some kids milk and started to drink it, and some other kid stole all the tickets I won when I bent over for half a second to pick Aj up. The kid was gone before I could slap him down get my tickets back. So, we didn’t get to cash in any tickets for prizes. THANKS RANDOM KID.

But despite the ticket jacking, it really was a whole lot of fun, we’ll definitely be going back. They had this system wherein everyone in your group got stamped with the same number in invisible ink and you couldn’t take any child out without matching numbers. That alone was a huge stress reliever to me. Like, I could relax a lot so that was nice.

Two thumbs up for Chuck E Cheese! Next time I’ll just have to keep a better eye on our tickets.


  1. tierney

    You’re brave! I’ve never been there, even though I tend to frequent other indoor playgrounds with the kids I nanny for (like Zoom Zooms, Jungle Jam, etc).

    That number system is genius! The places I go don’t have anything like that and sometimes the kids disappear off into the play structure and when you can’t immediately find them your heart sinks.

    Was it super expensive? I feel like it would be!

    Either way, you rock!


    1. 60 odd bucks for pizza with 6 toppings, ribs, 4 drinks, and 45 dollars worth of tokens, so not to bad! Obviously not a regular thing but fun nonetheless!

      1. tierney

        Oh that’s good! I thought there was an admission fee or something. That’s a good thing to keep in mind for a rainy day!


        1. Nope no admission fee at all and little ones can pretty much go for free. Like obviously you need to buy a drink or food but you don’t need to buy tokens until they are older. They have a kid zone area for toddlers and an indoor play slide thing that’s pretty cool.


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