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Yesterday I had a doctors appointment at my specialists in Toronto. M and I decided to make a day of it, since, well, it was going to be a day thing.

We stopped at Tim Hortons, where I experienced my first elderly lady’s extreme distaste for me expressed openly; “GOOD GRACIOUS!”, she said in the most hilariously shocked and appalled voice. As I continued walking, I heard her say to the people she was with “well I never!”

Instead of making me feel terrible, I giggled. It was amusing to me that someone was that offended over my appearance.


Note the bemused expression on this terrible bathroom shot.

And when I was waiting in the line up to grab M a coffee, the girl behind me (who was just getting off her shift) eyed a business man walking by and said “I need a piece of that“, then apologized to me because she’d been working all night. Too funny. If this is the kind of things that happen inside Tim Hortons, I’m never going through drive thru again!



The drive into Toronto shockingly wasn’t too terrible. We laughed and joked around and the time flew by. I took so pictures to showcase my obsession with taking Instagram pictures, of course.




In no time at all, we were arriving at our destination: Mount Sinai. I ended up accidentally waiting in the wrong area for like 15 minutes, but after that we found Dr. W’s clinic and got signed in.


My appointment was for 2:15pm and we were almost an hour early. We waited a very long time, I didn’t actually get in to the patient room until about 4:30 and by that time Dr. W had left so we saw his resident.

The MRI of my shoulder came back and there’s no cause of worry (as in, it’s not cancerous or interfering with any nerves or muscles). I can get it removed if I want. The foot is another story, the resident said it felt like an MHE bone growth, but that they had no information on it. As in, the hospital I had the ultrasound of my shoulder and the X-rays of my. Shoulder and my foot forgot to include the foot X-ray.

He’s concerned about my lack of standing and walking ability without extreme pain accompanying it. So, on May 21st, we get to make another trip into the city, this time for an MRI of my foot and to meet immediately with the doctor about the results of whether or not they can operate (depending on where blood vessels and nerves are). I could do it down here, but considering my doctors office already messed up twice now (they also forgot to send the MRI results to my specialist so they could book me an appointment)…well I’d rather just get all that fun stuff done at the right hospital so it’s there, even if that means waiting a ridiculously long time.

Maybe next time M won’t forget his phone in the car, so we could watch a movie or two during the way.


Despite the fact that M hates hospitals and hates waiting…he was a good sport. I feel bad for anyone stuck waiting with me at doctors offices for long periods of time, especially when the appointment doesn’t go as planned because they don’t have all the information they need.

So, that was fun. We left Toronto and it took us one whole stinking hour to get from the DVP to the highway.


M was not impressed. I got to sleep for half an hour so…it didn’t bother me 😉

We decided to go out for dinner since we had a ‘kid free’ day, so we went to East Sides and I ordered the yummiest four cheese ravioli.


It was so good! Very filling and satisfying too. M had steak and potatoes. His dinner tasted so bland compared to my dinner though. I also had a glass of house wine. Pretty good!

It was our first night having dinner together out in forever. Since our anniversary last summer. So, it was needed and super nice.

I want more little escapes like this with M…only less waiting in the doctors office all day and more adventure. Although dinner and making out in an elevator helped ease the irritation of waiting all day in uncomfortable chairs, if I do say so myself. 😉

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    1. 😀 very good day!!! Just wish we could have done all the doctor business in one day. Guess that just means on may 21st I get another day of making out in elevators and having 4 cheese ravioli. 😉


  1. Aw, sounds like you guys had an awesome day.

    Sorry to hear that your doctor’s office screwed up. That’s the story of my life. They’re so busy that pretty much everything falls through the cracks. I’m still waiting for my blood work and referral to get faxed over to Yale. Sheesh.

    Please keep me posted on the 21st appointment. I’ll be sending good vibes your way. I hope it’s something they can correct with surgery. Even though having to go through that sucks, it’ll be worth it in the end.

    Hugs and love.


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