Omfg really.

Yesterday was a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day that involved a major ugly cry. For pretty much no particular reason at all. I just lacked the patience and the happy uppity feeling I usually have on sunny days.

(But it almost makes sense because yesterday was the 9th day before my whatchit and for some particular reason the 9th day before is always terrible…and I have no clue why).

The kids weren’t listening or cooperating well at all. Everything was a fight or a cry fest. By 4pm I was just done, but bedtime wasn’t for another 5 hours so I had to just deal.

You can bet your ass I rushed off to the wine rack to snag a bottle of wine the first chance I got. Wine just makes you feel better, for some reason. Especially cheap, sweet Arbor Mist wine.


I had a good evening, had a couple glasses of wine, chilled out with M, my sister and a friend. Then went to bed and all was honky dory…

Til about 2:30am. When Aj woke up scream crying. He was thrashing about in his crib, and when I picked him up he tried to claw my face off. M had fallen asleep on the couch in between the time I went to bed and the other times Aj woke up (which was quite a few), but he was waking up when I came down, struggling to keep Aj from lurching back out of my arms. He got a bottle while I changed Aj’s wet bum (all the while he continued to cry and thrash about). But when I tried to pick Aj up to cuddle him and give him his bottle (so M could go to bed) Aj freaked out more and insisted on only M. Like, he calmed right down when M picked him up. I felt so sad about that, especially because I knew M was exhausted. Aj just wasn’t having any of me.

So, that hurt my mom ego. M sent me up to bed because there was no sense in both of us being up, and he followed shortly there after. Aj fussed on and off for the remainder of the night so I didn’t get a solid sleep because I was too busy listening to him.

But today, I’m determined to start anew and have a better day. Even though I’m tired. I’m letting M sleep in til 11, then we’re gonna have lunch (grilled cheese and bacon sandwiches), and take the kids and dog to the trail around the corner. Plus we need to go grocery shopping and I wanted to get my eyebrows waxed.

Today will be a good day, because the 8th day before usually is. Plus it’s sunny, and I still have wine and the promise of a very chill, just the two of us night.


And, this will probably sound a little conceded but, I actually like my face today. And my hair too. Haven’t done boo to myself except for brushing my hair/teeth but yet I’m feeling good. So, that’s a bonus.

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  1. Oh my gosh! I don’t know why, but on really bad days, my hair looks great. My running joke is “At least my hair looks awesome.” Heh.

    I don’t know why kids throw tantrums like that. It’s nothing personal. They’re just weird. That’s the only explanation I can come up with. Maybe you need an exorcist. 😉

    Hope today is a better day.


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