Beach Day!

Today the boys both got haircuts. I was hoping they’d get cute matching Mohawks but Aj freaked out the whole time so we opted to just shave it all. Unfortunately they used a 2 because we thought we’d use a 4 for the Mohawk part that he didn’t end up getting, so it’s a little short but his hair grows fairly quickly and regardless, he’s way too stinking cute!



N’s is more what I wanted for both of them, but I guess it’s good they didn’t end up with matching haircuts. They are already mistaken for twins as is!

After getting haircuts, the boys got to go to the beach!




They had a lot of fun. I’m worn out. Chasing Aj is a full time job. He’d throw the biggest temper tantrums when I wouldn’t let him steal other kids toys…which meant both he and I were just covered in sand. The toddler life is such a hard life, isn’t it?

But despite some temper tantrums and a few moments of N not listening (he corrected that quick times when I warned him though), the boys were great. They both walked nicely to the beach and back to the car, holding my hands. Yes, that’s a big deal. Usually one or both of them throw a shit fit for having to leave a fun place.

And every time I confess that, I feel like I’m being secretly judged by the masses. Oh, your kids don’t walk nicely or listen? HORRIBLE PARENTING. That’s probably a figment of my imagination but if there actually are people judging me for that, let me know so I can give virtual throat punches. I am constantly on my kids for good behavior, but they are willful. They are getting better as Aj ages (he’s my main struggle more often than not, and when he acts up N tries his luck too). They both enjoy pushing boundaries but they are learning to not do that as much (thank God…I only wanted to rip my hair out a mere handful of times today. Such an improvement, and I’m not being sarcastic there).

Anyways…moving on.



After the beach, we went back to my sister’s house for a BBQ. N did some yoga, Aj pulled some dare devil moves, and we all had fun.

At one point, I jokingly asked Aj where his hair went. He touched his head, looked thoughtful and disappeared. Next thing I knew, my sister was telling me he pulled her friends little girls hair. After his time out and apology to her, I asked him why he pulled her hair and he touched his head and said “my hair”. I guess he thought she stole his hair since hers was so long…fail on my part haha but I didn’t think he’d think someone took his hair, I was aiming for him to say ‘haircut’ or something.

But yeah, it was a good, busy day.

Tomorrow I have a friend visiting with her brand spanking new baby girl, and Friday we hope to go to the zoo if the weather is good.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! 🙂 I wish I was brave enough to take our three boys out & about but, I am hoping that when we move next month, with the help my husband or sister, I can take them out at least once a week to somewhere fun.

    And as kids not listening or walking nicely–I think all kids have their moments. Unless they have crazy psycho parents that won’t let them be kids, then I believe that they will always have little tantrums sometimes.


    1. Three must be so much harder than 2 to take out! I get overwhelmed with my two. I understand how you feel! Totally.

      Once a week trips are fun! I will be doing once a week trips once things settle down around here. It’s exhausting to do it more than once a week for me.


      1. 3 usually isn’t too bad. But, I got rid of my sling because I wasn’t using it so, now I am kind of wishing we had it so I could have them all stuck in something instead of having L walk this afternoon, if we go to the Breastfeeding Event at the park. But, guess we’ll have to see. 🙂

        Yeah, I can’t wait for our move & things to settle so I can actually start taking them out.


        1. Been there with moving and trying to get settled! It’s hard. I hope you get settled soon 🙂


          1. Thanks. We just moved in here–when I was 7-8 months pregnant with our last. & we’ll be moving with a 3 month old. 🙂 Going to be quite interesting.

          2. Oh man! That can’t be fun! We moved when I was pregnant, and again when Aj was almost 1. It was a challenge but accomplished because of my amazing MIL. She took the kids so my hubs and I could move stuff in and unpack all the rooms! Took 2 days but I had everything but the basement unpacked.

          3. That’s awesome! Yeah, we had my mil here too so, it went a lot faster than it would have, if it has been just R, me, & kiddos.

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