Bewildered, Humbled & Completely Blown Away…

By a stranger’s kindness.

It all started July 4th. I was checking Kijiji to see if there was any great dresser or bed finds for Aj. I stumbled across an ad for a 6 piece dresser and a twin sized bed, ikea malm series, and a twin sized mattress. Less than 2 years old, and from the pictures, in amazing condition for nearly 150 off store price.

I emailed him, and asked if he would take less than the asking price. I explained we didn’t need the mattress, just the bed and dresser. He replied with that was fine and I made arrangements to pick it up Saturday.

Well, Friday was a rain day. M couldn’t finish the roofing job so didn’t get paid, so I emailed to explain that and told him I was sorry, that if he needed it gone and had another buyer I would understand (he was making room for a new set of furniture for his kid). He replied with to email him Wednesday.

Then he emailed me the next morning and asked me to call him. I did. He told me he really wanted us to have it, so we could come get it and pay him when M got paid! That totally blew me away.

Unfortunately M only had enough gas to get to and from work, so I thanked him profusely but explained we couldn’t make that happen.

Several hours later he called back and told me that he really wanted to bring it out to us, as he had a truck and trailer and couldn’t stand the fact that Aj would go without the bed and dresser for another week. He said he really wanted to do this for us, as he’s been there before.

And he did! Brought it straight to us and helped us get it inside!

While he was here, he had a chat with M and offered him his buddy’s job company name and told him he would have a job there if needed. Holy shit.

This guy was the kindness stranger I’ve ever met. He didn’t need to give us the bed and dresser early and tell us to pay whenever M got paid, nor did he need to drop it off for us. Totally blown away by it all and my faith in humanity (and Kijiji) is restored. You can tell he was a kind soul, not just being polite, and that was so refreshing.

And now, presenting Aj’s new big boy room:



I love it! Aj does too. Except at night but that’s not really surprising, he always fights sleep.

I’m impressed with how perfect the set is, it’s practically brand new! I love the dresser too. N requested one too, he likes it as well!

So, now all that needs to be done is buying Aj a bedding set.


I like that one, but we’ll see about deals and what not else where.

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  1. Oh, wow! That is so cool. It’s nice to hear about acts of kindness (and to know there are still incredibly caring people out there). That set is gorgeous, too. 🙂


    1. Thanks Liz! I know, it is nice to hear acts of kindness 🙂 too rare these days.


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