Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, there was a girl. She was very active in the blogging community, and she blogged daily about the adventures she had and the innermost thoughts of her mind and heart. This girl bared her whole heart on her blog for the world to see, and didn’t care if she was “sharing too much” of herself. She felt at peace with blogging, with the blogging community.

Then, something changed within the girl. She started hesitating before writing, fearing about the outcome of her words on the screen, sheltering her heart from the judgement she could face. You see, she was getting a lot of flack from family members about her blog, about her honest writing. Sometimes, her stories included situations and other people that didn’t want to be mentioned. So, out of respect for them, she stopped writing about any situation that included those people. She continued to blog, a little less frequently, about the adventures of her little family of 4.

Then she felt unsafe on the Internet, so she stopped blogging with pictures and names. Then she decided she had nothing to fear, but she still felt uneasy in her blogging skin. She had changed so much about how she shared her stories that she didn’t know how to turn it back around.

She felt like she lost her voice. The one thing she always prided herself on having. She felt like she lost her honesty, her story telling and sharing capability.

She also felt insecure and depressed, especially when she foolishly compared herself to other people. Her words became less and less as she struggled with her daily feelings of inadequacy. She should have turned to her blog, poured her heart and soul into her words and shared them, so maybe she wouldn’t have felt so alone. But she didn’t, she couldn’t. She worried that she’d get trouble somehow for writing such things. She was afraid to disappoint those she cared about. Above all, she was afraid to see the words looking back at her on the screen.

Then one day, the girl realized she was being very foolish indeed. Hiding the truth of how she felt was accomplishing nothing. It was just making her feel more lost and alone.

So, the girl resolved to find her voice again…no matter how long it took.

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  1. I can totally relate to this. But, in the words of Jenni Chiu (Mommynanibooboo) If blogging feeds your soul, don’t stop. Write because you love it. Write because it fuels you. You have a damn strong voice, and it’s there. Use it! I believe in you.


    1. Wow…what a beautiful quote! Is that on a meme somewhere? Maybe if I save it as my lock screen the message will sink in 😉


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